Meghan's Birthday Celebrations Couldn't Be More Different Now That She's A Royal

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Everyone knows that marrying into the royal family is a huge commitment. Not just because of the whole wedding thing, but because there are so many rules and regulations to abide by. That's why Meghan Markle's birthday will be a very different experience this year.

The Duchess of Sussex will be turning 37 on Saturday. And although she has rarely been photographed partying in her pre-royal life, Markle will no longer be able to celebrate with her celebrity friends like Serena Williams and Priyanka Chopra.

Instead, tradition dictates that all royals must have a small family-orientated birthday celebration, rather than a lively party. The only member of the royal family who doesn't adhere to this rule is the Queen, who publicly celebrates her birthday twice a year. Then again, she is the Queen, so she can do what she wants.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams believes that Markle's birthday celebrations will remain completely private. "I wouldn't expect anything at all spectacular. We may well never be told how she celebrates," he told the Daily Express. "Meghan has a serious image as a humanitarian activist and this is what she and Harry are concentrating on."

Unfortunately, it looks like Markle's birthday will be parked to one side at the weekend as she and Prince Harry are set to attend another wedding.

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According to royal photographer Tim Rooke, Harry will take on the very important role of best man at the wedding of his best friend Charlie van Straubenzee to Daisy Jenks on Saturday. The pair are clearly close as van Straubenzee was an usher at Harry's royal wedding back in May, reports The Sun.

This means that Markle isn't even likely to be able to sit next to her husband on her own birthday as the best man is usually seated at the main table with the bride and groom. Let's hope that she will at least get a birthday cake at Kensington Palace on Sunday.

Markle's 36th birthday is said to have been a lot more eventful. Reuters reported that Harry whisked her away on safari in Botswana for a surprise birthday trip. This was the couple's second African holiday. The first came in July 2016 just weeks after they began dating. Botswana is also a special place for the royal duo as it's where Harry sourced one of the diamonds that sits in Markle's stunning engagement ring.

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It's unclear whether Harry and Markle will have a romantic birthday meal for two this year or whether their neighbours, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will join them. According to Hello! magazine, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be cutting their Caribbean holiday short so that they can attend the same wedding on Saturday.

The publication also claims that Harry and Markle will be going on holiday later this month. Perhaps a late birthday treat is in order for the Duchess of Sussex.

I know that being a royal involves being serious 99.9 percent of the time but surely birthdays should be a little more relaxed. Don't get your hopes up for photos of Markle enjoying a night out on the town though. I can't see that happening somehow.