Meghan Markle Wore Her Messiest Bun Yet, Because She Doesn't Give An Eff About Royal Rules

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When it comes to royal fashion rules, the soon-to-be Duchess is ignoring them again. Meghan Markle wore a messy bun to a surprise Northern Ireland trip, because soon she won't be able to. This is the third time that she's worn the hairstyle out in public, despite it being against royal fashion rules, and it doesn't look like she'll be stopping any time soon.

In case you're not aware, there are certain rules that royal must follow when getting dressed. One of those things involves keeping hair polished and in place at all times. Markle seems to be be ignoring that one wholeheartedly. The 36-year-old stepped out of her car with Prince Harry wearing a gorgeous cream sweater, green pencil skirt, and another soon-to-be sold out cream jacket that she just can't seem to get enough of.

More importantly, she wore another messy bun. After three times of rocking the style, it's safe to say that this is her signature hairstyle. But it won't be for long. Once she gets married on May 19, she'll have to maintain properly style locks. Of course, Prince Harry has ignored many of the official rules in his day, so maybe she'll be able to wiggle her way out of this one too.

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The hairstyle first made news in early January, when some people thought that she maybe just didn't know that she wasn't able to wear the hairstyle. Then came later in the same month, when she rocked the messy bun yet again. Now, it's her third time rocking the hairstyle, so she's either ignoring the rule while she can or just flat-out won't be giving up her favorite look. Either way, you really can't blame her.

According to People, all royals must have their hair sleek at all times. That's why you always see Kate Middleton with perfectly tamed curls and the Queen has had the same in-place hairstyle for so long. Of course, because Middleton is not officially royal, she gets some leeway.

You might not be able to relate to Markle's $3,000 Burberry coat or $625 pumps that matched Middleton's, but you can relate to her messy style. First of all, it's easy. Especially when you're on a surprise tour of the United Kingdom. Second of all, it looks great. It's a foolproof way to look like you're not trying too hard.

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This isn't the only rule that Markle broke on her surprise trip to Ireland, either. She stepped out in a pencil skirt and didn't wear tights. This might seem like a simple thing, but, according to previous Bustle coverage, royals must have their legs covered at all times.

Markle wasn't subtle about the rule. She rocked a pair of rust-colored velvet Jimmy Choo stilettos, according to The Cut, which drew some attention as a pop of color in the outfit.

"It’s her age,” says Ingrid Seward about Markle to People, author of My Husband & I, a new biography of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to People. “She is easier-going. It’s refreshing that [the royal family] is prepared to bend a bit.”

She also opted not to cover her legs when she first announced her engagement with Prince Harry. She wore a skirt sans-tight then as well as during her engagement photos in the mesh dress. The skirt touched the ground then, so it wasn't as big of a deal.

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Needless to say, it doesn't seem like Markle will be ditching her signature look any time soon. It's times like these that you really with that Markle still ran her now defunct The Tig lifestlye website. Because there's no doubt that she would share all the steps to getting the perfect messy bun.

Fingers crossed that she rocks this look at her wedding, because that would be epic.