This Travel Jewelry Case Has A 5,000 Person Waitlist Because It's Actual Perfection

Courtesy of Mejuri

Preparing for a trip always sounds fun — until packing for it takes priority and becomes a legit burden. If you forget to secure smaller items like jewelry, the time you were hoping to spend unwinding is often time spent unraveling necklaces and matching earrings. One easy solution to this particular packing woe is Mejuri’s jewelry travel case, which will restock on March 27 after being sold out for seven months. And thankfully so, because the case has over 5,000 people on the product’s waitlist.

Founded in 2012 by Noura Sakkijha, the Instagram-famous fine jewelry brand offers luxury pieces at a range of price points and made for everyday wear. The usual lineup of products includes minimalistic designs for rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Now, Mejuri is restocking its popular travel case to carry it all.

Prior to the jewelry brand’s restock of this popular travel accessory, over 5,000 people had been waitlisted for it when the case first sold out in July 2018. The case was such a hot commodity, it was already gone by pre-order. Now that Mejuri's Travel Case is making a comeback on March 27, it's game on.

While those already on the waitlist aren't guaranteed a travel case, they will be the first to be be notified about the restock.

"Tangles, knots, lost pieces; things you'll never have to worry about again," Mejuri's website states. "We worked with expert jewelry case artisans so that you can carry the best."

The case compartmentalizes different pieces of jewelry. There's a section to hold earrings and rings as well as hooks to hang necklaces. Spring and summer travel is fast-approaching and this jewelry case is ideal for packing anything travelers don’t want to detangle later. Plus, anyone who likes to keep their valuables close will be happy to hear this case is compact enough to throw in your carry-on or purse. Keeping jewelry organized in style, the travel pack is handcrafted in grain leather with a suede lining.

The case, and all of Mejuri's other products, come with a 24-month warranty, so you can get a replacement if it ever gets banged up during your travels.

Fans can jump on the restock now and preorder this case (it'll ship in May) on the Mejuri website for $85.

The smart jewelry case is the size of a small wallet, but manages to fit various pieces of jewelry for a weekend getaway. The travel case features four necklace hooks with an elastic pocket at the bottom of the pouch, six holes for securing three pairs of earrings, and a 0.5 x 2 inch ring holder with a snap clasp.

Just like the jewelry designed by the brand, the travel case is also handcrafted for everyday use. The exterior grain leather and an anti-tarnish suede interior are used to make sure smudges left behind don't stay behind.

For travelers who want to make this more personal to them or even to send as a gift, fans of the travel case can get it monogrammed for free. According to a Mejuri representative, customers can choose what they want their travel case to say before checkout, and Mejuri will monogram it for them prior to shipping.

Although we can't help you with the rest of your packing process, at least you know your jewelry will arrive to your destination safe and sound.