This Pot-Themed Makeup Collection Is As Stoner-Friendly As It Gets

by Alexa Tucker

Calling all self-proclaimed stoners — if you've ever felt like your makeup collection just wasn't quite as 420-friendly as you'd like it to be, this new kit has you covered. The Melt Cosmetics Hot Box Collection is on its way, and it's everything your weed-loving heart could want in a beauty box. (Well, almost everything.)

The pot-inspired collection includes pretty much everything you need to create a bold statement look (aside from skin makeup, mascara, and brow products). And, of course, the names each give a little nod to pot culture.

First up, there's an iridescent lipstick called Mary Jane and an ultra-matte lipstick called Cherried. There are three lip liners called Santeria, Kink, and Edible (although be warned, it's not actually edible, as far as anyone knows). The Haze Stack of four glittery eyeshadows includes Haze, Bogart, Ganja, and Indica. Finally, the five eyeliners are called 818, Rx Queen, 420, Bloodshot, and Baked (because of course).

And as if the two lipsticks, three lip liners, four eyeshadows, and five eyeliners weren't enough, from the looks of co-founder Lora Arellano's Instagram, there's a bowl included when you buy the whole set as well (along with a confirmed Melt pouch).

The brand hasn't revealed how much the Hot Box Collection costs yet, but what the brand has shared is that everything will drop on Monday, July 31 at 12 p.m. PT. Here's a look at the collection about to light up your makeup game.

The colors are bold and moody all at once.

And the Haze Stack eyeshadows look incredible swatched out.

Here's the 420 eyeliner and the Ganja eyeshadow in action.

And the Edible lip liner and Cherried lipstick are a matte match made in heaven here.

Arellano shows off the Ganja eyeshadow and Mary Jane lipstick in this beauty look.

No matter your opinions on weed itself, it's pretty clear that this beauty collection is stunning.