Weed Nail Art Is A Thing For Anyone Who's 420-Friendly

Nails can be a canvas to show off pretty much anything you love, whether it's a design, a holiday, a sports team, or just all glitter everything. But creative manicures have gone a step further (er, higher?) with a new trend — weed nail art. It's pretty much the perfect way to tell the world you're 420 friendly.

People are showing off their pot manis on Insta, and most of them involve cannabis encapsulated in clear polish. Most are on acrylic nails, so they're definitely ~extra~.

According to this YouTube tutorial, here's one way to get the look on your own: Start with two layers of gel polish as a base (many are clear), then add a layer of clear builder gel and press on tiny pieces of weed. Cure like you would any gel polish under an LED or UV light, then add another layer of builder gel, cure again, and file the surface to smooth it out. One shiny topcoat later, you're ready to apply the nail if you haven't already.

Many people seem to have their masterpieces created by manicurists (that are obviously weed-friendly), because that does seems like a lot of work to DIY. But if you are down for a little crafting, here ya go:

While I love a good manicure and checking out creative nail art, I admit, I'm not exactly the foremost authority on pot. I'm probably one of, like, 18 non-weed smokers who lives in the state of Colorado — OK, that's definitely an exaggeration, but you get the idea. (Nothing against it at all, I'm just more of a wine girl myself.) So, I have some questions. Isn't this, like, a waste of weed you could smoke? Are these some type of weed "scraps" that you wouldn't smoke anyway? Please pardon me if these are dumb questions, but I'm genuinely curious.

However puzzling, though, there's no denying that these weed-adorned nails give off some woodsy nature vibes. Of course, keep in mind that this may be a risky manicure if you live in a state where weed isn't legal, and as PopSugar points out, air travel with these nails may not be the best idea. But if you are looking for some green manicure inspiration (or you're just curious about what it looks like), here are a few examples. Here's a pretty, simple take on the look...

The pop art details in this manicure make it really, well, pop.

And every nail is a statement nail in this creative take.

Finally, this masterpiece is throwing off some illuminati vibes.

And if you prefer to save your pot for, well, other things, there's definitely other inspiration to be found in weed manicures.