MEMEBOX Is Coming To Ulta For All Your K-Beauty Needs

Even if you're not a diehard beauty fan, there's a chance you've used at least one Korean beauty product in the last couple of years. K-Beauty has been reigning supreme as of late, known for its emphasis on skin care. Now, a well-known seller is hitting brick and mortar shelves. MEMEBOX is coming to Ulta both in store and online which means now you can use your Ulta Rewards points to score discounts or pop into a store and pick up your favorite product from MEMEBOX's well-known brands I DEW Care (Bonvivant) and Nooni.

The move is an exciting ones for fans of skin care. Fans of MEMEBOX have always counted on them to have the latest and trendiest in K-beauty products, and now, they're becoming even more accessible. If you just can't wait to shop, MEMEBOX launched on Ulta's website today, June 26, and you can get to shopping as soon as you'd like. However, if you want to hit up a store to see products up close, you'll need to hold off until July 10 when MEMEBOX launches in 300 stores nationwide.

The in-store launch of MEMEBOX at Ulta isn't he only good news from the website, though. Their personal brands are launching new products as well, and they're giving fans even more a reason to get excited.

What's coming from the brands, though? First up Bonvivant has become I DEW CARE, and the brand is launching two new products. In the new lineup, fans will find the I DEW Care Ginger Aide Clay Mask which is clean your skin and makeup it glow. Alongside it, the brand is also released the Berry Bubbly Clay Mask, which will purify your skin as it cleans.

I DEW Care Ginger Aide Clay Mask, $19, Ulta | I DEW Care Berry Bubbly Clay Mask, $19, Ulta

Plus, Nooni is also adding a new product as well. The Nooni Snowflake Jelly Cleansing Oil is coming to Ulta shelves. The jelly texture turns to an oil on the skin and helps to cleanse the face.

Nooni Snowflake Jelly Cleansing Oil, $23, Ulta

If you love K-beauty and skin care or just can't resist a newly released product, the fact that MEMEBOX is coming to Ulta beauty is probably the best news of your day. It's time to do some shopping.