Memebox's Instagram-Famous Mask Is Finally Back In Stock

Stop what you're doing and grab your wallet. Membox's I Dew Care Disco Kitten Mask is finally restocked, but it won't be around for long. The Instagram-worthy peel off product sold out all three times that it was online, and there's no doubt that it will do the same again. If you're looking to get glowing skin and great insta-pics, there's only one place to shop. Here's everything you need to know, so you don't miss out on this bestseller again.

When something's good, it doesn't last forever. That's exactly what happened with Memebox's I Dew Care Disco Kitten Mask. The bright chrome peel-off mask is perfect for anyone looking to get clear skin or even just a great Instagram pic. It was so good that it sold out almost instantly all three times that it was restocked. Thankfully, it's finally back, and, as of Aug. 12, you can still snag the trendy mask.

The mask is available on the Ulta website right now. Ready for the best part? It's only $23. Pinch yourself, because this isn't a skincare lover's dream. The peel-off mask is super affordable, which is part of why it keeps selling out so fast. The other part, of course, the incredible ingredients.

Memebox I Dew Care Disco Kitten Mask, $23,

The mask uses pearl powder to exfoliate and brighten the skin. It's also packed with lily, orange flower, jasmine, elder flower, and magnolia to replenish, soften, and tone skin. It's not a surprise why this mask can't stay on the shelves for more than a few days.

As if all of that isn't already enough, there are even more reasons to love this mask. You can use it morning or night as many times a week as you'd like. And trust me when I say that you're going to use it a lot. You apply a thick layer, wait for it to dry, and peel it off. After that, skin look visibly brighter and feels so soft. You really can't go wrong with this skincare purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Go head over to the Ulta website and grab this mask while you still can. Because something this good won't be around for long.