Memes Only Libras Will Understand

If there's anything a Libra appreciates, it's elevating internet culture into an art form. Need some distraction from the pain of the world and/or the extremely unflattering halogen lights of your office? Here are a few memes only Libras will understand. Because we're #unique, duh.

As the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, Libras are an air sign (joined by Gemini and Aquarius). Air signs are often regarded as intellectual, with a love for investigating and analyzing. They are A+ communicators, but like the wind, which is unpredictable, we can be both gentle and destructive, depending on the day.

Libras are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and our symbol is a pair of scales, indicative of our respect for justice, and our ability to see the whole picture, to empathize and to serve as diplomats. It's a fine line we walk — our deep appreciation for aesthetics, our social abilities and our dedication to partners (friends, lovers, siblings, that stray alley cat you named "Party Girl") can often fool others into believing we're superficial. In reality, we are constantly examining and evaluating our environments. That truly ~Libra~ sense of style? Uh, it's cultivated, my dudes.

But we aren't all glitter and social justice. That superficiality? We do, sometimes fall prey to the siren song of external beauty. Our reliance on relationships in shaping our lives means we get our feelings hurt, and sometimes have a hard time moving forward. Don't pressure us to make a decision (it's condescending, and we'll only smile, say "sure," then ignore you for eternity). Don't end our party early, don't treat art as silly nonsense — do love us. I mean, not like you can help it, but whatever.

On one scale: Beauty. On the other: low-key danger.

Yes, thank you, Amber Rose, for saying this perfect sentence while wearing The Largest Sunglasses inside your home where there is no sun.

When Libras @ Libras (TM Libras!).

TFW you're a Libra and you become deeply invested in every single partner you've ever had, regardless of how well they treat you and like it's funny, kind of, but it also drives your therapist up a wall.

The Illusion of Effortless Perfection is the name of the game. We tricked you, huh?

Accurate but also lions are giant cats, which is extremely cute and now I'm thinking about petting one.

I uniquely snorted into my unique coffee when I saw this on my unique phone.

Where is the lie?

Familial tragedy is no reason to abandon aesthetics. OK, is this a real podcast or a joke? Respond Y/N, thank you.

OK, our reigning planet is Venus, the planet of love — I don't know why anyone is surprised that our drunk persona is Romantic Witch, flirting with every person and seeing if we can charm them into buying us drinks?

I am looking forward to when the painting I commissioned of this tweet arrives next week.

A Three Word Summary of Libras: Pastels For Days.