Fans Are SO Excited About The 'Blue's Clues' Reboot That They Want To Be The Next Host

Nickelodeon; lindsheyhey/Twitter

With news that a reboot is officially underway, memes and tweets about Blue's Clues coming back seem to have fans reliving their childhood dreams of appearing on the beloved '90s show. On Tuesday, Deadline announced that the series will return to Nickelodeon for 20 episodes after ending its 10-year run back in 2006. As part of the plan to revive the show with a “refreshed signature look,” Blue's Clues will reportedly be holding an open casting call for the role of the show's host and Blue's owner, a part which was long played by Steve Burns during much of the show's early days.

Burns was later replaced by Donovan Patton, who took over the role, playing the part of Steve's brother Joe during its last four years on air. While on-air from 1996-2006, Blue's Clues was notably dubbed one of the most successful and groundbreaking children's television series of all time, according to New York Daily News.

The announcement about the revival and its open hosting gig had fans quickly staking claim to the role via social media, as many felt that they would be a perfect fit for the part. Meanwhile, others were simply elated to hear of the show's exciting return.

1. Top Five

This comedian/actor is so excited about the reboot, he thinks he should be a top prospect for the hosting role.

2. Is It OK To Be This Excited?

This person realized that they may be just a little too excited about the revival.

3. Greatest EVER

This Blue's Clues aficionado called the reboot "the greatest moment in the history of television"

4. Best Person For The Job

This fan also shared their goal of becoming the next Blue's Clues host.

5. Over-qualified

Meanwhile, this Blue's Clues host hopeful shared a list of their qualified skill set along with

6. All Good In The (Child)hood

This commenter revealed that Blue's Clues was a big part of their childhood after hearing the reboot news.

7. Faithful Fan

Another person was so happy about the news that they've already committed to tuning in for the show's return.

8. Bring Back Steve

This Twitter user was disappointed to learn that Steve won't be back to host the children's series.

9. Practice Makes Perfect

One hosting hopeful pointed out some of the skills that needed to be fine tuned ahead of the upcoming audition.

10. Dream Chaser

A long time fan of Blue's Clues, this Twitter user says that they are ready to audition for the "dream" role of "new Steve."

Filling the role of Steve will, no doubt, be a difficult feat to manage after he became one of the most beloved hosts on children's television during his run. Though he was replaced by Joe after mysteriously disappearing from the show in 2002, many found it hard to move on with his replacement.

Many theories about Steve's whereabouts had fans thinking that the actor died after he was nowhere to be found after leaving the show. In 2017, Burns finally let the world in on his reason for leaving the show behind, ultimately admitting toThe Daily Mail that he didn't want to go bald on TV. He explained,

"I was going bald and I kind of looked around and I'm like – the people who decided that I should wear these pants are not going to choose a wig with any dignity for me. It's just not going to happen."

With production on the reboot will start this summer, according to Deadline, the return of Blue's Clues is sure to once again steal the hearts of fans both old and new.