Colton's Women Tell All Was Mainly Just A Lot Of Shouting

Eric McCandless/ABC

You might not be able to hear yourself think if you're watching "Women Tell All" from Colton's season of The Bachelor, and you're not alone — plenty of fans watching "Women Tell All" noticed just how loud it was. But I guess that's what happens when you have 30 women in a room, and a lot of them have bad blood with each other. Though finalists Hannah G., Cassie, and Tayshia weren't there, there seemed to be plenty of ill will to go around. Mostly, though, I hope the production company gave everyone who attended the live taping a set of earplugs — they were going to need them.

To be honest, it wasn't any noisier than any other "Women Tell All" special. When 30 women are dating the same man and competing to be the last one to keep his heart, things get complicated. It gets even more infinitely complicated when you're being filmed, and when you're in a pressure cooker of being away from your family, friends, and jobs. None of this is easy, and it's very likely someone is going to fly off the handle. And oh, did they! Whether it was Nicole and Oneyka or Courtney and Demi or, uh, anyone else, the screaming was real during "Women Tell All."

The Fans Wanted Everyone To Cool it

It was dizzying, basically, and it made the show really hard to follow. As if it wasn't painful enough to watch The Bachelor.

Some Relished The Yelling

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Others Thought It Made The Show Unwatchable

We could tune into This Is Us if we would have known it would be like this.

Some Recognized Chris Harrison's Tough Job

Don't worry — he's definitely getting paid enough.

And while it's easy for the women to blame the other women for the problem on the show, they should instead be blaming both Colton (for instigating the fights) and the producers (for pushing the fights along). Can't we all just get along? Eventually, many of the women from the show do become friends, and even best friends. Once you've gone through a joint experience like The Bachelor together, you're bonded for life. It probably just takes a little time outside the bubble to see it. Will all of these women become sisters? No. But let's unite them against a common enemy — Colton.

This year's "Women Tell All" was a lot of the same, but Chris Harrison would do well to have a talking stick or something next year — only the person who is holding said stick can speak or else they're penalized and lose their turn to defend themselves. It's the only way that the contestants will learn that viewers don't want them to squawk and scream! It's so hard to understand. But there's a whole new year (and a new season) to figure all of that out. And if not? Bachelor Nation will have something to say about it.