Leo Season Is Going To Be Extra Intense For ALL Signs Thanks To Mercury Retrograde

NASA/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As you may have heard, Mercury retrograde has made its triumphant return. The planet Mercury went retrograde on July 26th, and it will stay that way for pretty much the rest of the summer. That isn't the only thing that's going on that will impact your emotions and behavior: it's also Leo season, which is always a notable time. You might know what Mercury retrograde brings to the table, and maybe you have an idea of what Leo season means for you. But the two combined? Mercury retrograde and Leo season happening at the same time means your social life might suffer a bit.

Let's go over what each of these times means individually before getting to the effects of the combination of the two. Mercury retrograde is often known as a time of miscommunication and various mishaps. When Mercury goes retrograde, the planet slows down, and from our view on Earth, appears to be moving backwards - hence the name. This change throws things off. The planet Mercury rules communication and travel, and when it's in retrograde, those things can be affected. During Mercury retrograde, you might find that you're having trouble saying exactly what you mean, or that your relationships are suffering. Because of the confusion in the air and the emphasis on focusing on the past, astrologists recommend not starting anything new during Mercury retrograde period.

Leo season, on the other hand, is a pretty joyful time. Leo season generally makes people feel more confident, giving us all the strength to speak up and stand up for ourselves. The Leo sign is often associated with persistence, determination, and a bold and vibrant energy. Leo season is usually thought of a positive time - but mixed with the energy from Mercury retrograde? That's when things can get a bit weird.

Leos have an aggressive communication style that can often lead to disagreements - Leos can become a little bit too confident, making them argumentative and stubborn in conversation. And, as you know, Mercury retrograde leads to another set of communication issues. As Refinery 29 points out, "Considering Mercury's close association with communication and interpersonal relationships, it can make socializing feel like dodging bullets when it goes retrograde in a touchy, temperamental fire sign."

What does this mean for us? The fact that Mercury retrograde is happening during Leo season means that we can expect even more misunderstandings than we would during, say, any other retrograde period. Our pride and egos are out there, thanks to Leo season, and that could make us more likely to take offense or to misunderstand a comment. Mercury retrograde makes us even more sensitive than usual, making social situations even more tough to navigate.

So how can you get through this unscathed? Take things slow. Don't make any big decisions, think before you speak, and be patient. Also, reconsider big, important conversations. Do they need to happen immediately, or can they wait? If they can wait, you might want to do that. This is a time when your social life could change due to your increased pride and sensitivity - you don't want to put anything on the line.