Mercury Retrograde Will Affect These Zodiac Signs' Careers The Most

Mercury Retrograde Summer 2020 Will Affect These 5 Zodiac Signs' Careers The Most

I hate to be the bearer of (more) bad news, but Mercury retrograde summer 2020 just began, officially kicking off its backspin during the wee hours of June 18. It's here to mix up our signals for the first three weeks of the season and complicate our lives just a little bit more than they already are. Mercury retrograde periods are notorious for bringing a slough of inconveniences in the realm of thinking, timing, scheduling, communicating, and technology — in other words, it's sort of a mini-nightmare when it comes to our work lives. And it just so happens that many of us are going back to work right now, as cities slowly reopen after the widespread shutdowns.

Mercury is the planet of thinking, timing, and a bunch of other logistical matters. When it retrogrades, which happens approximately three times a year, it throws us off in all those areas — and obviously, these matters happen to highly affect things like work and career. All of a sudden, it might become weirdly difficult to get to work on time, send an e-mail that's not ridden with typos, or remember the due dates on various work projects. Mercury retrograde requires all of us to get way more on top of our games when it comes to staying mentally organized, clear in our communication, and conscious of our calendars.

Honestly, times are tough right now, and it feels like the last thing we need is a cosmic obstacle. That's why knowing how Mercury retrograde 2020 will affect your career is a must — but it'll be especially important to stay cautious if you're one of the signs most affected by this transit, as some will be hit harder than others. Read on to find out if your sign is one of them.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

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This transit is brain fog central for you, Taurus, and staying clear on the logistical details at work is going to be more of a struggle than usual — even for a pragmatic earth sign like yourself. It'll be all too easy to miscommunicate or misinterpret information, and accidentally miss due dates, meeting times, or one of the many e-mails in your ever-overflowing inbox. Be diligent about triple-checking all the little things for the next few weeks to avoid a total headache.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Mercury is your ruling planet, and this summer's retrograde is hitting home in a lot of ways right now, Gemini. Firstly, because it's traversing through your house of money, be aware that you could hit some financial roadblocks — so don't blow your paychecks, as having a little cushion could be helpful! Additionally, though, you're likely to find yourself questioning your current career choices and whether or not you feel valued in your workplace. Dig deep over the coming weeks and decide how you want to proceed post-retrograde.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

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Working with others is going to present the possibility (and probability) of all sorts of confusion, communication errors, and mixed signals if you're not careful, Virgo. If you're part of a team, be extra clear and diplomatic when it comes to collaborating with your colleagues. People are feeling more emotionally sensitive overall, and the likelihood of your instructions or requests being misinterpreted is high. Take extra care to be gentle and thoughtful of others.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

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Everything about your career is getting activated (and aggravated) through this summer's retrograde, Libra. You'll find it difficult to start any major new projects, and taking on a new job during this period is inadvisable, if that can be avoided. Work on wrapping up old on projects or revisiting endeavors that got pushed to the back burner in the past. You'll likely find your thoughts and energy highly focused on your status at work, but try to go with the flow. If energy feels stagnant or off, it's likely that it'll pass once the retrograde clears.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

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Mercury retrograde might be making both your to-do list and your usual routine feel like a jumbled mess over the coming weeks, but stay calm. Instead of drowning in confusion over what projects to prioritize and how to stay on top of your tasks, put time aside to get reorganized. Clean up your task list, clean out your desk, and try to ditch any unhealthy habits that you've developed over the past months of spending time at home.