Mermaid Jeans Are The Next Wild Denim Trend You're Actually Gonna Want To Get On Board With

Fashion loves to find creative new ways to reinvent classic wardrobe staples, which is why you have seen an influx of weird jean trends. From upside down denim shorts to triple waist jeans, you have more options than just skinny jeans. And now mermaid jeans are the newest denim trend to throw its hat into the ring, turning your legs into a mythical creature. L’AGENCE’s iridescent skinny jeans trade in the true-blue denim hue for a rainbow of shifting colors, mimicking the scales of a mermaid and bringing a fairy tale-like touch to your outfit.

L'AGENCE is an upscale California-based label that merges the effortlessness of Los Angeles style with the understated-chicness of Parisians, where they use luxury fabrics to create minimalist and timeless designs. The best way to describe their aesthetic is to use words like "understated" and "elegant," where the designs gravitate towards items like camisole lace jumpsuits, black and white striped tapered pants, and silk crepe de chine handkerchief hem dresses. Looks like these has gotten the store a cult-celebrity following, where stars like Ashley Graham, Emma Roberts, and Karlie Kloss are regular shoppers there.

But their penchant for timelessness is what makes these iridescent pants such an exciting and unexpected find — they're way more whimsical than any of L'AGENCE's offerings.

Dubbed the Margot Jean, the skinny jean is enveloped in an iridescent foil, giving off a silver look that changes into watercolor pastels when it hits the light. The actual jeans are made from a super stretch premium denim with a high rise fit, so they are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

But when it comes to out-of-the-box denim trends, the Margot Jean isn't the first one to make waves this summer. Recently the "upside down denim shorts" came out to inspire a trippy summer wardrobe, and they look exactly how they sound. The shorts are flipped upside down, where the waistline is featured on the pant cuffs, and the cuffs are sewed onto the waistline. Inspired by Stranger Thing's "the Upside Down," CIE Denim, the New York City-based vintage store that hand-makes them, has created six different versions in honor of different Hawkins characters.

ASOS jumped on the bandwagon with their own creation, where they made a "triple waistband jean" that looked like — you guessed it — a pair of pants with three layered waists. The end result looks like you took a pair of low-riding pants and layered them over a mid-rise and high-rise pair of jeans, making you look like you're wearing three different pairs at once. For the days when you can't decide which kind of rise you want to wear, these are perfect.

Then there was the denim "belt," which was debuted in Unravel Project's Resort '18 presentation, but it's not like any belt that you have seen. Instead, it looked like you cut your jeans up and only left the waist, then cinched it around a baggy sweater like a corset. And this innovative piece would set you back over $400.

Sold on Net-A-Porter, the product description read, "Designed to appear like it's been sliced from the top of your favorite jeans, this faded blue version has frayed edges and exposed pockets. It looks even cooler with a slim leather strap over the top." While definitely quirky, the brand made it with the intention of nipping in their slouchier and baggier pieces. While it might sound weird on paper, it actually makes for a very cool outfit.

From iridescent mermaid jeans to shorts that look like you're trapped in the Upside Down, get freaky with your denim styles this summer. You won't regret it.