Mermaid Maternity Shoots Are The Ultimate Mommy Debut

If you've ever felt that your patronus is actually half-human, half-fish, or needed a reason to live out your underwater mermaid fantasy, why not do it when you're pregnant! Many moms are sharing their pregnancy with the world fish tail and all, embracing the latest trend of mermaid maternity shoots or #pregnantmermaid(s).

A quick search on the hashtag, and you'll find a range of creative, goofy, and seriously breathtaking photos. While I'll argue that celebs like Beyoncé made posing under water with baby bump in tow en vogue, you don't exactly need a celeb budget to find the right photographer. If you really want your Ariel-esque theme to come full circle, just whip out your Instagram.

And if you do go the professional route, there are certainly photographers like Chantianna Terrasi-Zelm, or @mother_ofwolfphotography, who will do the trick! The California-based creative knows a thing or two about mermaid shoots. Her beautiful photo with professional mermaid Katie or @katiemermaidpage is making it on the top of maternity shoot lists and going viral.

Other photographers like Brazilian cameraman Ulysses Padilha not only has a mission to highlight the beauty and mystery of the mermaid, but empower women with a good cause! According to Cosmopolitan, the Rio de Janeiro photographer received so many requests, that he launched a project called The Sereias Project this past year, donating five percent of the proceeds to raise awareness on beach pollution.

He told Bustle the following about starting The Sereias Project and what it meant to all of the women who took part.

"Here in Brazil, everyone loves the beach," says Padilha. "Our beaches are incredible and the city was built between the sea and the mountains, so we have beautiful landscapes here. As mermaids are synonymous with beauty, power, and seduction, I think that every woman has dreamed of being a mermaid and I decided to make this dream come true. Therefore, my idea was of ​​uniting the beauty of the Brazilian woman with the mysteries and charms of the mermaids, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that we have here in our country. Today, almost a year and a half later I've done more than 60 trials."

Padilha also shared that as a result, he has gained over 26,000 new followers— most of them being women who loved his work — and has secured the help of an American company called MerTailor who manufactures the tails.

But you don't have to take my word for it, feast your eyes on these dreamy by Padhila and other photographers' interpretations of the trend:

If you haven't noticed by now, these moms slay. Hardcore.

As you can see, these mothers (and babies) could easily nail an underwater challenge on America's Next Top Model.

Many of us will never know the struggle of being pregnant plus large mermaid fin, but these moms make it look easy.

Even mermaid-inspired shoots are celebrating the small treasures of motherhood.

If you're a mommy-to-be or are simply are obsessed with mermaids, this is brings a whole new meaning to emulating your fave.