Merriam-Webster Put "Doggos" On Its Words To Watch & Twitter Can't Handle It

The internet can sometimes be a terrifying place — but occasionally, it can also be a glorious one, and the dictionary just gave us a solid reminder of why: Merriam-Webster tweeted about “doggos,” and Twitter’s response to the tweet has subsequently filled our timelines with a wide variety of very, very good boys and girls. It is truly delightful, and exactly what a low-key, post-holiday week needs. Or, y’know, what the final few days of 2017 needs, because good gravy, this year has been rough.

On Dec. 27, the venerable dictionary’s Twitter handle launched a message out into the universe that read simply, “Doggos.” Attached to the tweet was a blog post for the Merriam-Webster website’s “Words We’re Watching” feature, a regular column that charts trending words and their origins — and, it turns out, “doggo” goes back much further than many probably know. Although the word only began to pick up steam as a slang term for dogs in recent years — Know Your Meme dates its first notable internet mention back to 2014 — another meaning has its origins in the late 19th century: “To lie doggo was to stay hidden or to keep secret: to fly under the radar,” wrote Merriam-Webster.

The saying was apparently popularized by Rudyard Kipling — although we don’t really know why “doggo” was chosen as the phrases key word in the first place. “Perhaps the phrase was meant to evoke the light sleep of dogs,”Merriam-Webster’s “Words We’re Watching” post on the word speculates. “What we do know is that the word itself does go back to dog, and is probably the word dog with the noun suffix -o, meaning ‘one that is, has the qualities of, or is associated with.’”

In any event, “doggo” went mainstream as a term for good puppers over the past two years or so, thanks in no small part to the We Rate Dogs Twitter account; as such, it’s not all that surprising that a dictionary of note would start keeping an eye on it. However, not even Merriam-Webster — whose social media team has become well-known for its viral prowess — could have predicted the response to their tweet about “doggos”:

…Or maybe they could have, since the internet loves nothing better than a good doggo. Twitter users came out of the proverbial woodwork to offer forth their canine pals (and some related pets) as prime examples of exactly what a doggo should be, and honestly, it is the best way I can think of to send out 2017. It has been a garbage fire year, and although a cuddly pet obviously won’t fix it, a little doggo snuggling can help you feel a bit better in the meantime.

Here are just a few of the puppers currently flooding Twitter, thanks to Merriam-Webster’s extremely well-timed tweet:


Proof Positive

This Twitter user was one of the first to respond to Merriam-Webster's tweet; originally, the reply just read, "I've one." When prompted to provide proof, this image surfaced. It is adorable. Well played.


The Best Doggo

Grade school literature and writing classes teach some valuable lessons: Showing is way better than telling, as this doggo demonstrates.


A Doggo's A Doggo, No Matter How Small... Or Large

With apologies to Dr. Seuss. (I just spent a week with a 3-year-old during the holiday season, which meant watching Amazon's double bill of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Horton Hears A Who on repeat for days at a time. You do the math.)

Do not underestimate the importance of the other creature in this photo, by the way:

Absolutely necessary.


Always Try Your Best

One Eyed Joe's best is very good, indeed.


Getting In The Spirit

All Christmas. All the time.


A Challenger Appears

Are all doggos the best doggo? Perhaps.


Reasons To Adopt

Adopting pets can be life-changing in the best ways.



You show that rope who's boss, Wolf!


An Alternative

Acceptable, according to Merriam-Webster:


My Name Is Doggo, And I Approve This Message



Is Good Boy? Y/N

This doggo definitely passes muster:


How To Be A Hero

Step 1: Wear cape. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Hero!


A Walk In The Park

Caption this photo:

Seems legit.



Definitely a v good doggo.


Watch Out For Those Doggos

Perhaps there is something nefarious going on here:

...Or perhaps it is just a whole lot of cuteness. Either/or.


PJ Puppers

It is too much.

There's plenty more where all these came from, by the way; just check out the replies to Merriam-Webster's original tweet. There are enough doggos to keep you occupied for days. Go ahead. You deserve it. Happy almost-New Year!