Metallic Bubblegum Hair Is A Thing

As we make our way through 2017, pastel hairstyles are still going strong. In fact, there's one look in particular you should check out — because metallic bubblegum hair is the new trend you didn't know you needed. It's especially great for summer — but it's definitely versatile enough to transition flawlessly into fall and winter.

Honestly, it checks off all the boxes — it's eye-catching, it's pretty, and it looks amazing on Instagram (come on, we all know that's a deciding factor when it comes to avant garde hair colors). Plus, the pale bubblegum shades mixed with the whole metallic aesthetic perfectly blends an ultra-femme vibe with a modern, almost futuristic look.

So, what exactly constitutes a metallic bubblegum hair color? Well, Doug Martucci (Creative Director of ProRituals) describes it in a release shared with Bustle as "soft shades of metallic pink fused with tangerine and anchored with a strong grape base." The careful blending of complementary pastel shades helps give it that metallic look, and as Martucci explains, the mix of colors allows the look to "compliment any skin tone." In fact, he says, "If you’re a naturally warm (pink) skin tone, stick with a stronger violet and pink palette. If you’re cooler (yellow) opt for more tangerines to enhance your glow."

Interested in taking the look out for a spin yourself? Just be warned that it's something of a process. " It may take multiple sessions to get to the pale blonde shade needed to create this look," says Martucci. Then, once you have the correct base, he explains, "I recommend asking for a fun grape purple base with alternating shades of rose and copper."

Also know that it's going to take a little extra upkeep — Martucci recommends washing your hair less often, and using color sensitive shampoos and conditioners, like ProRituals Color Therapy Shampoo and ProRituals Color Therapy Conditioner.

That said, metallic bubblegum hair is almost so beautiful it's ridiculous — making all the extra steps more than worth the added effort. Besides, don't you want to have roughly the same hair color as Frank Ocean?