9 Instagram Accounts For Wicked Hair Inspiration

by Hatti Rex

Much like any other facet of your appearance, hair can be a true art form. Experimenting with different shades and styles can be a genuinely empowering journey. And from my experiences, dabbling with new trends will often help you find something that not only suits you, but makes you feel like the actual star you are.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons not to dye your hair. The thought of irreparable bleach damage to your ever-loyal follicles might seem like a little too much to risk. Fortunately, there are other options available to folks who love the look of a wild 'do.

Wigs and extensions are always a relatively easy way to achieve a color or style without the commitment, and hair stencils can be a lot of fun as well. A dramatic undercut design may be what you're looking for if you want to keep things "business in the front and party at the back." Plus, statement hair accessories or temporary hair tattoos should also make your locks stand out from the crowd.

Many talented hairdressers have Instagram accounts nowadays and I take extreme pleasure in scrolling through their feeds while existing in my own limbo, patiently waiting for my roots to fully grow out and heal. These are some of my absolute favorite online hair wizards: True artists who use every means imaginable to turn people's manes into pure artistic magic.

1. Uggoff

The world is currently full of fans of pastel and rainbow hair, but the two are expertly combined in these luscious-looking locks thanks to the super skills of hair colorist Ursula Goff. She is also fairly efficient in the art of hair painting. Just check out her rendition of Scream.

2. Janine Ker Hair

Never have I wanted to shave my head more than when I first set eyes on this gorgeous '80s-inspired 'do by the miraculous Janine Ker. The cutesy colors, the geometric shapes, and everything else is perfect.

3. Hair Lizard

If you have a penchant for vivid, vivacious locks, then you should definitely consider giving Keri a follow. The Taffy Seattle owner's Instagram feed is a testament to fabulous strands and she also performs great transformations for guys.

4. Hair Menageries

Another great source for out-of-this-world hair looks is Vivid Balayage Orlando's professional Instagram account, which showcases a great variety of jaw-dropping styles. This sleek, stony gray color with a fancy undercut is particularly fab. But there are so many other wonderfully dynamic creations that you can feast your eyes on.

5. DJ Victory

Cleveland-based babe DJ Victory definitely has the hair-crazed skills to pay the bills. The brilliant stylist has quite the knack for hair art. These extensions have been painted to look like Lady Gaga as David Bowie, but she has conjured up some other great designs including The Little Mermaid, Prince, and Cinderella.

6. Kasper Thomas

The amazingly talented X-presion hair artist, visionary, and educator Kasper Thomas uses a pixelated hair tinting effect that I've personally never seen before. The technique gives off some truly original cyber vibes and I absolutely love it.

7. Caitlin Ford Hair

This could potentially be my favorite hairstyle of all time. Though the cut itself is clean and simple, Caitlin Ford has worked her magic to create astounding striped colors that almost look like a reflection inside a prism.

8. Kristi Waldrop

Even if have eaten nothing but Skittles since birth, your mane probably isn't as impressive as this fantastic rainbow creation. Kristi Waldrop — aka Kristi_Mac_Of_Hair — from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is some sort of miracle worker.

9. Joël Benjamin

London-based hairstylist Joël Benjamin weaves the most enchanting braids in ways you can't imagine and this zipper one on pastel hues is extraordinary. He's one smart dude when it comes to styling.

That's it, I'm booking a hair appointment.

Image: Courtesy hairmenageries/Instagram (1)