Here's Why The Ending Of 'AHS: Apocalypse' Sort Of Made No Sense


Spoilers ahead for the entire season of AHS: Apocalypse! This season's finale of American Horror Story was the bloodiest, most absurd one yet. I don't know about you, but I'm eager to take a very, very long break from watching witches' heads explode. Even though the Coven seemed outmatched and unable to counter the powers of the Antichrist, Michael Langdon finally got what he deserved during the season finale. But this is AHS after all, and there are rarely happy endings. Michael Langdon died on AHS: Apocalypse, but his spirit is presumably living on. Which means that this storyline can continue for season to come. Can anyone say, Apocalypse/Freak Show crossover?

As you well know by now, Langdon is the spawn of Satan, which makes killing him especially challenging, even for a coven of powerful witches. So instead of trying to stop the nuclear holocaust (even though I feel like they totally could have done that, but we need a show, after all) Supreme Cordelia decides to put Coco and Mallory under identity spells and ensure them a position in Outpost 3, hoping that when the time comes, Mallory will be strong enough to travel back in time and reverse the sequence of events that Michael set in motion. In the meantime, Cordelia, Myrtle, and Madison took a nice, long, relaxing sleep with some worms under the dirt, waiting until the time was right at the bombs had come and gone.

The three witches resurrect Coco and Mallory, along with voodoo queen Dinah Stevens, bring back Marie Laveau (the real queen, Angela Bassett), and manage to blow up robot-Meade (which was super satisfying and milky). After Cordelia kills herself in this timeline, Mallory is able to harness her full potential as the next Supreme and make it to Murder House. All of this happens in a matter of 15 minutes.

You might expect that the Antichrist's death would be dramatic, full of fire and brimstone. Instead, he gets hit by a car. Mallory returns back to the moment when a teenaged Michael, after killing a priest sent to counsel him, is kicked out by an enraged Constance. As he crosses the street, barefoot and distraught, Mallory rams him with her car. And she makes sure to get the job done. Making eye contact with Constance, who has rushed out to see what's happened, Mallory reverses to hit Satan's son again, and then drives straight over him one last time. It's definitely an ignoble way to go, the perfect humiliating ending for someone so evil.

When Constance rushes out into the street to hold her evil little grandson one last time, he begs her to bring him into the Murder House, where he can live forever. After a brief moment of weakness, Constance leaves Michael to bleed out in the street, alone. She's my hero.

The world is set to rights again. The Antichrist is defeated, the coven is back together, and Mallory can be satisfied that she successfully prevented the end of the world. Wow! I thought to myself. A happy ending on American Horror Story? Impossible.

Guess it really is impossible, because the twisted minds of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck gave us one last troubling scene of the season. Remember Timothy and Emily, the couple who fell in love at the Outpost, were killed, and then quickly became irrelevant? Well in this new version of the world, they meet outside a coffee shop, fall in love, and have a son together. One day, they come home to find the babysitter lying in a pool of blood, and their baby boy laughing gleefully in a rocking chair. Deja vu, much?

The moral of the story? As the saying goes, Kris Jenner may work hard, but the Devil works harder (or maybe it's the other way around). Satan gave up his son because he can just have another one, and another one, and another...

Don't get me wrong, it was a fitting ending to the season, but it also sort of made no sense at all. How did the witches not know about Tim and Emily? They're all powerful, and knew that Michael was creating the outposts, surely they wouldn't have overlooked the possibility that he gave himself a backup plan? Also — how is Mallory going to get Madison? And what did they do for all those years in the dirt? Really, I have so many questions.

That said, the finale was bloody, gooey, and even intense for a little bit. And you can't beat a cameo from Angela Bassett. As far as AHS seasons go, it was a satisfying one. But something also tells me the book isn't exactly closed on this chapter.