Michelle Obama Has A Great Reason To Stay Out Of Politics

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I'll be the first one to admit — it's fun to engage in a little wishful thinking every once in a while. However, there's one dream that we should probably give up altogether, because the beloved former FLOTUS is never going to become a politician. But when you hear why Michelle Obama will never run for office, it's totally relatable, and it's yet more proof of how wonderful she is.

Obama made her first public appearance on Thursday since leaving the White House at an event with the American Institute of Architects. She stayed away from expressing her thoughts on her former residence's current occupant, but she did make it clear that she is not ever going to run for office. "Politics is tough, and it's hard on a family," she told the assembled crowd. "I wouldn't ask my children to do this again because, when you run for higher office, it's not just you, it’s your whole family."

I think it's safe to say that Obama is just slightly understating how hard it was on her family. Obama faced absurd racist attacks as the first lady. She had to watch as conservative internet bullies targeted her daughters with racist slurs. They dealt with constant criticism on everything from Barack Obama's policies to his citizenship and legitimacy as president — and then had to watch as one of the chief peddlers of the birther theory then took his place in the White House.

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That can't have been easy for her, and it can't have been easy for the girls. Sasha and Malia couldn't even open their windows, Obama said in her speech — can you imagine living under such scrutiny that your bedroom windows aren't even yours to do with what you like? She seems to be reveling in the seemingly trivial aspects of not living in the public eye now, like how she can answer her own door.

Obama never wanted any part in politics, but she supported her husband in his quest to make the country a better place, and she made the most of her time as FLOTUS. She also worked tirelessly on the campaign to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, though unfortunately, it wasn't enough. Now, she's not going to stop working for her vision of a better world — she's just not going to do it in politics.

That's the main reason why Democrats should just move on from Obama and let her do her thing. She's indicated that she'll keep on fighting to give young women and girls a better life, at home and abroad — and she's in a great position to do it, both in the private or nonprofit sector. There are a lot of people out there who really want to support her, and if she stays out of politics, then she doesn't have to deal with the ones who don't.

Obama may have seemed like she was in her element during the rare moments she was under the political spotlight, but I have a feeling that she's truly just hitting her stride now. Let's all agree to step back and let her do it.