Michelle Obama Revealed Her Favorite ‘Lemonade’ Song & Twitter Totally Approves

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Plenty of people can attest that FLOTUS 44 was the trendiest First Lady to ever step foot in the White House, and she continues to live up to that title. As a longtime enthusiast of pop culture, Michelle Obama revealed her favorite song from Beyoncé's Lemonade album recently, earning herself some extra cool points. Her response would ultimately prove that Obama is just as big of a Beyoncé fan as the rest of us — if not, even bigger.

At Wednesday's Inbound marketing conference, Obama took a moment to discuss, amongst many other important topics, her favorite tune from Beyoncé's Grammy Award-winning album. As a closing question to wrap up the sit down, Obama was asked to share her preferred track from the legendary body of work, according to Mashable. After initially responding that "all of them" have become personal favorites, the former First Lady went on to reveal that "Love Drought" is the song that remains near and dear to her heart, often keeping it on repeat.

It goes without saying that Obama reigns supreme as one of the most down to earth, classy, and relatable women of our modern time. So it really doesn't get much better than knowing that she shares a close personal relationship with the beloved 36-year-old singer and listens to her music on a regular basis. Obama recently paid homage to the multi-hyphenate entertainer by dressing up in her iconic "Formation" garb for a birthday tribute earlier this month.

The former FLOTUS has often shared her love for Beyoncé's artistry, often dancing publicly to her music. The first time was notably during the 2009 inauguration as the songstress serenaded the Obamas with her rendition of the Etta James classic, "At Last." More recently Obama rocked out to "Single Ladies" while in the passenger seat of James Corden's car during an episode of Carpool Karaoke. But it seems that up until this recent reveal, she had never actually called out a favorite song by name.

The Beyhive literally went wild after learning that Obama shared their love for the talented superstar and her "Love Drought" tune. Some of these fan reactions are simply priceless, just take a look.

1. Breaking News

This fan used a Beyoncé meme to convey her feelings amidst Obama's reveal.

2. The Ultimate Endorsement

One social media user was glad to hear that her longstanding belief had finally been validated.

3. Public Service Announcement

Meanwhile, this Twitter user announced her gratitude to the interviewer for discussing such an important topic.

4. Common Ground

Another fan was excited to share something in common with the former First Lady.

5. Tastemaker

A Twitter follower referred the former FLOTUS as the "queen of taste" after learning the selection of her favorite Lemonade track.

6. Kindred Spirits

One user felt a sense of unity with Obama, since they both keep "Love Drought" on repeat.

7. Me, Myself, & Michelle

Another person was relieved to know that the former First Lady had her back.

8. Case Closed

This social media user completely shut down the conversation, indicating that what ever Obama says goes.

9. No Love Drought Here

This fan's love only continues to overflow amid the news.

10. BFFs

Another user feels that she and the FLOTUS should be besties after this.

Both Obama and Beyoncé have become revered feminist icons of our generation. As Queen Bey remains at the top of her game as an entertainer, and Obama proceeds to empower the masses, fans will undoubtedly continue to share their admiration for the relationship these two share. The mutual love and respect they have for one another serves as a reminder that girls (or in this case, women) truly do run the world.