"Dressed To Match" Is An IG Account For Fashion & Art Lovers Alike

by Kali Borovic

While your Instagram is more than likely filled with photos of your lunch or #ootd, this woman is using her page in a way you've never seen before. Combining her two passions, Michelle Satterlee shows off her outfits next to matching works of art on her Dressed To Match Instagram account, and once you see it, I guarantee you'll be hitting the "follow" button.

Between the prints and colors, Satterlee's grid is one giant lookbook of wearable art. "For me, it's a passion project that allows me to be creative," Satterlee told Fashionista in a recent interview. Her feed is filled with photos of her posing in a gorgeous pastel stripped dress on similarly patterned stairs and neon printed crop tops in front of matching street murals.

"There’s something exciting about seeing things that match; whether it’s two friends who show up to school wearing the same shirt or something as simple as a group of bridesmaids wearing the same dress, there is visual cohesion that is fun to look at," Shetterlee tells Bustle via email.

Satterlee doesn't consider herself an artist, although she does work in the industry as the director of an art gallery in Sacramento. One glance at the Instagram page will show you just how much she appreciates creativity.

"If I have specific piece in mind that I want to match, I’ll start by looking for dresses that mimic the palette and patterning [and/or] style within the piece. My degree in art history has really helped with this process as I am constantly relying on my knowledge of various stylistic movements... when scouring the internet for a potential match", Sattlerlee tells Bustle.

But it's not always the art that inspires the outfit.

"Sometimes I have a specific piece of art in mind and I search for a dress to match, or I’ll stumble upon a dress that reminds me of a specific piece. Either way, my main objective is to find the closest match possible," she says.

This might just be her "passion project," but she's also been able "educate and bring about awareness to different kinds of art," she says. Satterlee also has her own blog, which has been up and running since September 2015, devoted to just her fashion and art matches and she often regrams others who use the hashtag #dressedtomatch.

"What I enjoy about creating the matches is that they create a different form of conversation around the art," Shetterlee tells Bustle."Whether purposeful or coincidental, the matches show just how closely the art and fashion realms are tied and social media is the perfect tool for creating a collection of these inspiring interactions."

This page is about way more than double-taps, people.

I don't know about you, but I'll be hitting the museums a lot more in the near future!