Why Mike From 'The Bachelorette' Is The One Contestant Hannah *Needs* To Keep Around

John Fleenor/ABC

Hannah's Bachelorette contestants have only just begun introducing themselves to her and to viewers. But one contestant who already set himself apart for the right reasons is Mike, whose Instagram shows that, just as he demonstrated during the Bachelorette premiere, he has strong relationships — and a lot of respect for — the women in his family. That's already enough to make him a strong contender, but if you're curious to know what else Mike has going for him, his Instagram reveals he has a pretty adventurous lifestyle.

According to his ABC bio, Mike is a portfolio manager from Texas who's been more focused on his career than his love life in recent years. (As he said on the show, "My dating life has been Macaulay Culkin — Home Alone.") And while that might not make him sound like a very exciting contestant, the 31-year-old has a bit more life experience than the 24-year-old Bachelorette. As his bio states, he served in the United States Air Force and has traveled to 30 countries. So he definitely has something to offer Hannah and probably won't be as impressed as some other contestants with the locales that the reality show takes him to.

Yet, the main theme of his Instagram seems to be to embrace life and live it to its fullest, so he's pretty much an ideal candidate for The Bachelorette. See for yourself below:

He's Dedicated To His Mom

In his introduction, Mike went to say goodbye to his great-grandmother before leaving for the show. But his mom also holds a special place in his heart, as shown in this video of him surprising her after he hadn't seen her in nearly a year and a half due to his military service.

He's A Traveler

As he made it clear in his Bachelorette bio, Mike loves to visit new places. So while might not be a pilot like Peter W., he will be willing to jump in a plane and journey anywhere with Hannah.

He's A Kid At Heart

Mike showed off his goofy side (get it?) in Disney Land, and this a sense of humor is a quality Hannah will undoubtedly appreciate.

He Wants You To Believe In Your Dreams

In this motivational video, Mike reminds viewers why it's more important to believe in your dreams than to worry about what other people think.

He's Ridden A Camel

As part of his traveling adventures, he rode a camel in Morocco.

He Served In The Air Force

Mike's already shared that he's a veteran, but his Instagram provides some throwback pics to that time in his life.

His Friends Have Already Started Having Kids

In 2016, Mike wrote in a caption that most of his friends already have kids. Back then, he wasn't so sure about having his own babies, but maybe things have changed in three years now that he's ready to get married.

He Volunteers

A few of his Instagram posts show how he's generous with his time when it comes to giving back.

He's Been On TV Before

The Bachelorette isn't the first time that Mike — or his great-grandmother — have appeared on TV. His local CBS affiliate featured him visiting his great-grandmother after he came back from service. Mike also appeared on a local channel to advertise a fundraising event for his company Étonnant Fleur.

He's Hung Out With Basketball Royalty

Anytime you get the chance to hang with Charles Barkley, you better brag about it. Plus, please note that Mike seems to be pretty much the same height as this NBA superstar.

He Was A Financial Planner Rookie Of The Year

Once he began to focus on his financial career, he earned recognition quickly.

He Has A Sister

Mike has already talked about the strong women in his household, and one of them appears to be his sister, who also served in the military and who Mikes calls his "fav human."

He Has Been Paragliding

According to his Bachelorette bio, Mike is "terrified" that he'll have to skydive on the show. But since this Air Force vet has already tried out paragliding in Colombia, he might just need to try a new extreme sport with Hannah.

Mike got the first rose at the rose ceremony, so Hannah clearly had a good first impression of him. If things keep looking up, he'll have the chance to share his love of travel and his family with Hannah soon.