This Detail Proves 'Bachelorette' Star Mike Is Just As Grounded & Thoughtful As He Seems

John Fleenor/ABC

The Bachelorette Season 15 is now in full swing, and so is Hannah B.'s quest for love. While quite a few guys made their limo entrance with wild gimmicks — jumping a fence, riding in on a tractor, writing a rap — Mike Johnson was one of the few guys who opted for a no-frills introduction. The 32-year-old told Hannah that he's looking for someone with "character, charm, charisma, consistency, and compassion," which we know Hannah has in spades. Unfortunately, Mike's job has made it difficult for him to find love in the past, as he said on the show, but hopefully being away from it for a few weeks allowed him to focus on (and maybe fall for) Hannah.

According to his ABC bio, Mike is a financial portfolio manager from San Antonio, Texas, and his Instagram does show him giving a financial presentation while looking pretty spiffy in a suit. If you dig a little deeper into his feed, it shows that before his current position, Mike was founder of a company called Étonnant Fleur, which planned upscale events to raise funds and awareness for local non-profits and charities. (Although the only event that seems to have taken place, based on Étonnant Fleur's Instagram, is a Great Gatsby-themed dance for female veterans in Texas. So perhaps a short-lived venture, but it's heart was certainly in the right place.)

Mike was also an Air Force pilot at one point, which would explain his interest in helping other veterans. His LinkedIn shows a history of volunteer work, as he's acted as a mentor for the last five years at Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and campaigned to raise awareness about breast cancer while in the Air Force.

If you hop on over to his Instagram, it also lists that he is an "Amor Sui Creator" next to some filmmaking emojis. This may mean he's literally creating a movie right now by that name, or it can just be a play on words: "amor sui" in Latin translates to self-love, which fits with what we know of Mike so far. (After all, he twerked on stage during the pageant and said he respected drag queens for owning who they are.) His LinkedIn bio further supports this open attitude, as his only job is listed as "Happy at Life" for the past 32 years.

Mike is one of the contestants who has been getting more screen time than the other guys, which may mean he's going to be sticking around for a while. He was the first to get a rose during the ceremony after Hannah gave Luke the first impression rose in the premiere. And it's clear Mike has no problem standing up to the others, like when he questioned Luke's early declaration of love for Hannah: "I don't want her feelings rattled because of something that may or not be factual, all right?" he said. The sneak peek for episode three also shows that Mike has no problem calling out Cam by warning Hannah he may be trying to deceive her.

Hannah said she's looking for a man who "will love me for all of me" and has repeatedly stressed that she wants a guy who will be real with her. With everything we know about him so far, it sounds like Mike could be that guy. At the very least, Mike is one of the contestants who seems to be concerned with making sure Hannah isn't being misled or lied to. Mike's job may err on the side of boring, but it's clear he himself is a stable, grounded guy, and who doesn't want that?

Fans will have to wait and see if Mike gets that final rose, but it's nice to know there's at least one guy on The Bachelorette who's looking out for Hannah's best interests.