Millie Bobby Brown's Hairstyle For The SAG Awards Is Super Easy To DIY

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You can expect a lot of things on the red carpet, like gorgeous gowns and gorgeous makeup. But you never know what this actress will show up in. Millie Bobby Brown wore space buns to the SAG Awards, and they're super easy to do yourself. With a few steps and one added accessory, you'll be on your way to looking at quirky-cool as this 13-year-old.

Out of all the looks at the SAG Awards, Brown's was one of the most unexpected. She stepped onto the red carpet wearing a pink sequined high-low gown and Converse. As if that wasn't already enough, she wore space buns to top it all off. Oh, and she tied a ribbon around them as well. That might not seem like it all goes together, but Brown completely rocked it.

If you're not ready to give all the quirky aspects a try, space buns are a great way to start. They're also super easy to get. All you need is a few hair ties and a little bit of patience. And a ribbon, if you want to be exactly like Millie.

The actress chose to do a tight, twisted look. Her hair was slicked back and she had a middle part. In that case, I guess you should add a bottle of hairspray to the list as well. it was all very sophisticated and playful at the same time.

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Space buns are nothing new to the hair world. People have been rocking them at festivals and in day-to-day life for years now. What is new is wearing them on the red carpet. Brown manages to make them look super trendy but still formal at the same time. Maybe it's the ribbons in the back or maybe it's just her effortlessly cool style. The world may never know.

The best part is that anyone can wear this look. Just put your hair into two sides and put them into ponytails. After that, spin the ponytail and wrap it around the base. Add some bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray to keep it in place and you've got your final look. It's that easy, people.

If your hair isn't quite long enough, you can add extensions to make the buns a little more full. Brown previously had a shaved head for her role in Stranger Things, and is in the process of growing out her hair. Despite her short hair, she got tiny little space buns, proving that not even sort-hair is off limits.

Of course, there's no wrong way to get this look. You can make them tight, loose, or even just wear buns on your hair. Mess them up, pull them back, you really can't go wrong. When in doubt, search "space buns" on YouTube and there will be a style that speaks to you.

Another easy way to make the look your own is to add some accessories to the look. Whether that's a handful of glitter or ribbons, just like Brown, there's an accessory for any occasion. Because there is no wrong time to add a little quirkiness to your look.

Just when you thought this hair trend's moment was over, Brown is bringing it back again. So if you were afraid to try it out before, now is your time. Don't believe me? Here's another photo of Brown rocking it to convince you.

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So what are you waiting for? If it's good enough for Millie, it's good enough for all of us.