So, Apparently Jack Shows Up As An Older Man On 'This Is Us' & We Have SO Many Questions

Just when you though the Pearson family couldn't possibly break your heart any more than they already have, photos emerge of Milo Ventimiglia filming This Is Us wedding scenes — in old age makeup. As reported by PopSugar, Ventimiglia has been spotted alongside Mandy Moore, with both characters wearing the makeup used on Moore for modern day scenes. Prepare yourself, because seeing Jack and Rebecca together in the present is beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking.

Since Jack is definitely dead, the scenes in question are likely either part of a daydream, a hint of trouble ahead for Rebecca, or maybe even a "what if Jack never died?" episode. With Kate's wedding fast-approaching, the most plausible scenario is that Rebecca is imagining what it would be like if Jack was there for their daughter's big day. In the photos — which you can check out at PopSugar — Jack and Rebecca look so happy that it actually hurts. In one image, Jack is caressing Rebecca's face, and in another they're both laughing together as if nothing ever tore them apart.

Interestingly, Rebecca appears to be wearing a wedding dress in both images — which would be a weird choice for her daughter's wedding. She and Jack are also in front of a large crowd of what could be guests. While this could be a misdirect, there are strong hints that these photos are depicting a vow renewal ceremony. But what would that mean for the show?

Season 1 of This Is Us ended with an episode devoted almost entirely to a massive fight that Rebecca and Jack had. It was an intense hour, and a departure from the show's usual style. It's possible the writers have something equally unique planned for Season 2's ending — an alternate reality or fantasy episode devoted to showing what the Pearson family's life would be like if Jack had never died.

Of course, This Is Us could also be prepping fans for yet another heartbreaking twist. On Feb. 20, TVLine shared the following blind item that sounds suspiciously like it could be referring to This Is Us:

"An extremely popular broadcast drama that’s been on the air for less than three seasons is eyeing a season-ending plot that would find a pivotal character being diagnosed with terminal cancer."

Now, there's no confirmation that this spoiler is about This Is Us, but doesn't it sound exactly like something the show would do? Remember, earlier this season Rebecca had a cancer scare in the past. That could have been foreshadowing for her season-ending arc. These sweet scenes may ultimately end up playing out in Rebecca's head as a hallucination only to have the final scene of the episode reveal her receiving a terminal diagnosis. Cue the audience sobbing forever.

Thankfully, that's just one possibility, and it's entirely possible that the opportunity to see Jack in the present day will be part of a less wrenching storyline. No matter what happens though, one thing is guaranteed from these photos — the world will finally get to see Ventimiglia as an older gentleman, and as the pictures prove, he's going to age well.

Jack's salt and pepper hair and crinkly-eyed smile is a promise that his modern day scenes are going to be bittersweet under any circumstance. Whether he's attending his daughter's wedding from the great beyond, participating in a "what if" episode, or is part of yet another tear-inducing storyline to come, modern day Jack will still be a treat for the audience.

After spending most of the season untangling the mystery surrounding Jack's death, seeing him be with his family in the present day is no doubt going to be emotional, wonderful, and a total Kleenex moment. Who could expect anything less from This Is Us at this point?