The Golden Globes Snubbed Milo Ventimiglia & Fans Aren’t Having It

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This Is Us has been sweeping up nominations and awards since its 2016 premiere, and now that the Golden Globes nominations are here, it might be time for the cast to grab a few new trophies. After nominations were announced on Monday morning, it's official: Milo Ventimiglia has been snubbed for a 2018 Golden Globe nomination, and fans are already out for blood.

It's surprising to find out that Ventimiglia was left off the list. Although die hard Gilmore Girls fans have always loved Ventimiglia, he truly stole fans' hearts when he took on the role of Jack Pearson in This Is Us. At first, he seemed to be the perfect husband and father, but now, halfway through the second season, it's obvious that there's so much more to him than that. Even though the show is about the Pearson family as a whole, many fans have latched on especially tightly to Jack as they learn more about his life and what might have caused his untimely death — a mystery that still has yet to be solved.

Considering the fact that the role of Jack seems to be incredibly demanding, Ventimiglia seemed to deserve the nomination since he consistently crushes it week after week. Earlier this year, he did become an Emmy nominee, so it seemed inevitable that a Golden Globe was next, but unfortunately, it just didn't happen.

Some fans just couldn't believe that Ventimiglia didn't get the nomination when he obviously deserved it:

"Robbed" is truly the perfect way to describe what has happened with the Golden Globes — and one of these tweets brings up the important point that Mandy Moore has also been robbed. What good can we truly say about the television world if the cutest TV couple that has ever existed are shut out from the Golden Globe nominations?

This fan felt the way so many are feeling: happy for This Is Us' other nominations, bummed that they didn't happen to include Ventimiglia.

Gifs like these expressed what so many fans are feeling perfectly:

It truly isn't fair. Ventimiglia's put in a lot of work in Season 2 so far, not to mention his performance in Season 1. The best way to acknowledge the work would be with a million award show nominations, but this year, the Golden Globes dropped the ball. No fair indeed.

And to get even more specific to what everyone's upset about, this fan had the perfect This Is Us gif cued up for the occasion:

It hurts to remember such a brutal fight between Jack and Rebecca, but in this case, it's certainly appropriate.

And, of course, there's always that chance that the Golden Globes just accidentally forgot to include Ventimiglia and will make things right later on. Right, Golden Globes? Right???

On the off-chance that this is a misunderstanding, hopefully, they will correct it soon. It's probably not, though... so those of us who are feeling jipped will probably just have to get used to it.

It's certainly understandable that fans are bummed about Ventimiglia's snub, but fortunately, all is not lost for the show itself at the Golden Globes. Not only was This Is Us nominated for Best Drama Series, but his costars Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown snagged nominations, too.

And there's even more good news than that: Since the show is only in its second season, there's plenty of time for Ventimiglia to get the nominations he deserves — at the Golden Globes and elsewhere. Knowing how beloved Jack Pearson is, it seems like it won't be long before more award shows are knocking down Ventimiglia's door to give him the honors he deserves.