Miranda Lambert & Anderson East Have Reportedly Split

Rick Diamond/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After several weeks worth of break-up rumors, country musicians Miranda Lambert and Anderson East have reportedly split. The couple dated for two years, and were known as one of the genre's most high-profile couples. According to an article published by Knox News, Lambert seemed to hint at the heartbreak during a concert in Tennessee in March.

The singer reportedly told the crowd at the concert,

"I make it my mission every single time I step on the stage that no matter what, no matter where I am, I want to make you feel everything you could possibly feel. I want you to feel sad, mad, happy, and nostalgic, and really p*ssed sometimes. That's my favorite. And part of feelings is also heartbreak unfortunately, but fortunately for me, I can use it for my art or whatever."

Her performance sparked rumors that the singer might be splitting from her longtime partner, and reports were confirmed by anonymous sources on Sunday, according to People. Lambert and East started dating in 2015, and were first photographed together at the Academy of Country Music Awards the next year. The two stars are both active and accomplished musicians, and both cited their similar lifestyles to the success of their relationship. However, fans noticed that the couple have been notably absent from each other's social media accounts, and they appear to have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Neither star has commented on the split, but anonymous sources close to couple told Us Weekly that the two are taking a break from each other.

Lambert and East had been fairly private about their relationship, but the two had discussed their romance in a couple of interviews. In last year's country music issue of Cosmopolitan, Lambert admitted during a rapid-fire quiz that the last thing she googled was pics of East. "The last thing I googled was my boyfriend Anderson East to show off his cute pictures," she told the magazine. The comment was one of the only times she opened up about her then-boyfriend, though she did share plenty of snapshots of their life together on social media. The last time East appeared on her Instagram account was in January, which caused initial speculation that they were no longer together.

The two singers began dating about a year after Lambert's divorce from singer Blake Shelton. In the early days of their relationship, it seemed the singer and her new boyfriend were thinking of settling down. "They have discussed marriage and kids that they both want in the near future," an unnamed source told E! News. "She has learned many things about what she wants and needs after her breakup and Anderson fulfills it all."

In another rare interview moment, East opened up about dating the country superstar to InStyle in January. "There's a true admiration there and a large level of understanding on both sides, for sure," he told the magazine. "It's always difficult to be a traveling musician and still keep things together. Understanding is definitely a huge factor."

It's sad that the two didn't manage to work it out, but East's comment could offer some insight into the split. Musicians often struggle to find time to fit into each other's chaotic schedules, and it's possible traveling and recording schedules just got in the way. Lambert is about to depart for a tour with Little Big Town, and East has also been on the road promoting his solo album.

Fans of country music might be bummed to hear this power couple have reportedly called it quits, but if Lambert's performance in Knoxville is any indication, these stars could channel that heartbreak into their work. "I like to write sad songs," she told the crowd in Tennessee in March, according to Knox News. "I like to listen to sad songs, so I want to sing y'all one."