This Optical Illusion Bikini Will Make You Seriously Nervous Just To Look At

Over the past year, it seems like clear accents on clothings have become a trend, and honestly, it's kind of strange. From clear plastic shoes to clear knee holes in jeans, there's reason to believe it's becoming a thing. Now, Missguided's clear strap bikini is adding to the world of oddly mesmerizing fashion.

The swimwear in question is currently for sale at ASOS, and it's actually super affordable. For only $26, you can get the entire suit, but what exactly does it mean to have clear straps? Well, do you know those black boxes cable networks use to blur out nips and butt cracks? Imagine having those floating over your private parts but in triangle form, and you've got the design of Missguided's clear strap bikini. Honestly, it's quite the optical illusion.

Perhaps the biggest question about the piece, however, is why? Considering that the bikini still does actually have straps, you won't be free from tan lines. Are you just trying to trick unsuspecting pool and beach goers that have maybe had a rosé cider too many? Or is the clear plastic trend really expanding? Bikinis certainly would be a first for clear accents, and hey, there's someone out there who will probably lot it, right?

Missguided Clear Strap Triangle Bikini, $29, ASOS

As it turns out, this actually isn't Missguided's only clear strap swimsuit. If you're more of a one-piece kind of person, you're in luck! There's swim wear for you, too!

Missguided Red Clear Strap Deep Plunge Swimsuit, $26, Missguided

Why there's really no practical reason for the straps, the most likely purpose of their clear look is to be that it might be on trend. If you think back to Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 drop, he featured clear strap shoes that Kim Kardashian teased on her Snapchat. That was back in 2016, and the idea of a clear shoe is still around. Kardashian's little sisters Kendall and Kylie are currently selling a clear boot as part of their shoe collection.

Who could forget clear jeans? TopShop launched a pair of completely clear jeans (if you could really even call them that) back in May of last year. If you were wondering what it was like to wear the jelly shoe version of pants, YouTuber Safiya Naagard tried them out, and there were a few issues. Yes, condensation was one of them, and yes, they totally stuck to her legs. It's hot in there!

If you weren't willing to go all the way with clear jeans, TopShop had you covered. They also launched mom jeans that featured clear panels in the knees. Why the knees? There's really no explanation, but there's also really no explanation for putting in clear panels either. But clearly (not pun intended), invisible straps and panels are actually kind of a thing, and Missguided just seems to be hopping on the see-through train with their latest swimwear.


MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans, $95, Topshop

Perhaps the clear straps are a 90s thing. Does anyone remember clear backpacks? Jelly shoes? Those clear pens with things floating around in them? Tube tops with clear spaghetti straps so you didn't actually flash your crush? Is this just another iteration of the our childhood coming back in a way that induces nostalgia but also kind of a "wtf is that" moment?

Missguided Clear Strap Triangle Bikini, $29, ASOS

if you do love the Missguided clear strap bikini, though, it is currently available on ASOS's website. At $29 for both pieces, it's also kind of a major swimwear steal. Just remember that clear straps doesn't mean no tans.