Here's How 'Iron Fist' Teases "Knightwing" In Season 2

Linda Kallerus/Netflix

Spoilers for Iron Fist Season 2. While Danny Rand and Davos squabble over a childhood feud and whose glowing hand is stronger, women are doing it for themselves in the Marvel Netflix universe. Misty and Colleen's relationship in Iron Fist is one of the best female friendships in the MCU, even if they're still teasing their "Daughters of the Dragon" comic book destiny. It's gotta happen sometime, right?

The friendship between these two women has been building since The Defenders, when the two fought alongside one another against the Hand. They don't have many scenes together. Colleen actually knew Claire Temple better at the time, having trained her at the dojo and introduced her to Danny Rand. When they first meet, Misty calls Colleen's katana a "weird" thing to carry around. That said, at the end of the Defenders Colleen visited Misty in the hospital, feeling responsible for Misty's lost arm, considering that her old mentor Bakuto was the one who did the deed.

In Luke Cage Season 2, it is revealed that Misty is training with Colleen — more as rehab than anything else. Colleen and Danny also arrange for Misty to have a bionic arm, so that she can really get back in the fight again and put an end to her coworker's pitying looks. So, not only are they friends, they're friends who go to lengths to help each other out.


On that note, having lost faith in Luke, Misty comes downtown in Iron Fist Season 2 and spends a good amount of time helping Colleen out of various predicaments. At the end of the season Misty turns down a Captain's position at her precinct and muses over what she's going to do with her life and her skills next. Colleen, who (serious spoiler alert) has the heart of the dragon flowing through her and a white glowing fist of her own at the end of the season, ponders what to do next with her power as well — but in a flash forward to three months later, she seems to be working alone.

Unless you're a fan of Marvel comics and knew this was coming, as Knightwing Restorations is the detective agency these two characters open together, this is somewhat of an unlikely friendship. Misty is a cop from Harlem. Colleen is a Chinatown millennial with "sensei" as part of her hyphenate. Despite the fact that Colleen is dating Danny in the series and Misty was always Danny's girlfriend in the comics, there isn't an ounce of competition over a man between them. They ask each other what they want to do with their lives — those are the best kinds of friends.

In the Season 2 finale, the two heroes hint at how good "Knight" and "Wing" sound together, and vow to team up eventually but stick to grabbing beers first. Honestly, how much longer is the MCU going to drag this out? Their fight with the Crane sisters was a giddy delight. However, while Misty Knight and Colleen Wing do not define themselves by the male superheroes they partner up with, the series in which they appear still do. Sure, Colleen is an Iron Fist at the end of Season 2, and that is an incredible twist, but it isn't enough. The next time these two characters appear on screen, they better be in business together — for real this time.