'The Defenders' Could Be Setting Up Marvel's Next Netflix Spin-Off


Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) finally met in The Defenders, which has Marvel fans wondering if the two Marvel gal pals will fulfill their comic book destiny. Will Misty and Colleen become the Daughters of the Dragon? While Iron Fist established a refreshing female friendship between Colleen and Claire, her new relationship with the Luke Cage character could turn into a crime-fighting partnership. Spoiler warning for The Defenders!

In the comics, "Daughters of the Dragon" was a sarcastic nickname given to the duo by a villain they were taking on together. The detective/bounty hunting agency that the two heroes form together is actually called Knightwing Restorations Ltd., after their last names.

It was announced in July at San Diego Comic-Con that Simone Missick is set to appear in Iron Fist Season 2, so that bodes well for this possible development. Knowing this show, the plural name "Daughters of the Dragon" will probably originate as a way to make fun of Danny Rand — though this is already the name Colleen gave herself at a fight club in Season 1. Speaking of the eccentric billionaire, he and Misty Knight are on-again, off-again love interests in the comics. And since he and Colleen are together in the TV universe, this could get good and messy.

While The Defenders set Danny and Luke up in a way that could only be described as romcom-ish, Season 1 very delicately teases Knightwing. Misty and Colleen only have a few scenes together. At the precinct, Misty is secretly impressed with the fact that Colleen's weapon of choice was a katana. When Bakuto chops off Misty's arm, Colleen feels responsible. She's there when Misty wakes up at the hospital, and they start to bond more as two women rather than as associates of Luke Cage and Danny Rand.

Screenrant's Terrance Johnson suggests that Daughters of the Dragon should be Netflix's next spin-off, like The Punisher was for Daredevil. And it could really work. Instead of Iron Fist Season 2, let Danny Rand be the sidekick for these kickass ladies, right?

Maybe, at the very least, Claire can join this duo and there can be three Daughters of the Dragon on Netflix. If Trish ever becomes Hellcat, she might be welcome as well. The important thing is that this comic book partnership does appear to be happening in the Defenders universe at some point. The Knightwing seeds have been planted, and now we wait.