Mona Is So Not A.D. On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Byron Cohen/Freeform

With only one episode left of Pretty Little Liars, things are quite nicely coming to a close. The biggest post-time jump mystery was who was behind Charlotte DiLaurentis’ murder, and we have our answer! Mona killed Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars! Now, I can’t say that Charlotte didn’t deserve what was coming to her, and I’m not mad about it. But now that we know that Mona murdered Charlotte, I think we can decisively say that Mona is not A.D. on Pretty Little Liars.

For those of you new to the show, you must be confused. Come on a journey with me. Mona was once A (we’re talking Season 2 here), and when she was found out she was committed into Radley (when it was a sanitarium). But she got better! Flash forward to now, and when Mona gets triggered back into those bad plays, Mona turns her into her past self. Cut to Mona, clad in glasses and pigtails, standing at the top of the steeple where Charlotte died. That outfit from Mona’s past makes her feel safe, which is fine — but the fact that Mona killed Charlotte by mistake shows that she is actually no criminal mastermind. Mona laments the fact that nothing she does goes according to plan, and the only reason Charlotte died was because they got in a tussle and Charlotte hit her head. Mona was just trying to scare Charlotte, not murder her.

Mona may be smart, but in the end, all she wants is to be loved. Mona may have grown up, but old habits and feelings die hard. In the end, Mona can’t be A.D. because she would do anything to help the liars. She wants to be needed, and she wants to be cared about — she said it herself to Hanna — and that means that she doesn’t have the stomach to truly hurt the liars. She just wants to be one of them, and though I’m sure she could dream up something scary, Mona doesn’t have it in her to be A.D.