Moschino Just Sent Clothes Inspired By TV Dinners Down The Runway


Jeremy Scott's runway shows are anything but predictable, and his 2019 Milan Fashion Week show is no exception. Moschino's Fall 2019 collection was inspired by The Price is Right, making your grandma's favorite daytime TV show a runway dream. The designer label paid homage to the longest running game show in the world by having the models march down the runway to The Price is Right jingle.

According to Vogue, Scott called the show "pure old-fashioned escapism," bringing a healthy dose of cheekiness to the serious business of fashion weeks. “There’s always shit in everyone’s life,” Scott told Vogue. “A little levity, a little bit of fun — there’s nothing wrong with it. I am the king of camp.”

If you have ever stayed home from school with a sick day, then you will know what the show is about. Contestants compete for prizes by guessing the retail price of shoppable items like washing machines, dining room sets, and kitchen appliances. All those household items were present in the collection in the form of purses, dresses, and robes, putting a designer price tag onto the joke. Things like dollar sign dresses, washing machine handbags, and $1 million check clutches marched down the catwalk. Models were styled with bubble haircuts and bouffants, mimicking the styles of the sixties.

In between those appliance-inspired pieces were outfits that mimicked commercial break products, like spray cleaners, cereals, and frozen meals. Television dinner cloaks and laundry detergent sweatshirts adorned with costume jewelry peppered the show, bringing the theme full circle. According to Vogue, this wasn't the first time Scott pulled inspiration from daytime TV. In Scott's Fall 2001 ready-to-wear collection, he turned his models into TV game-show winners. They wore $1 bill wrap dresses, gold coin sequin mini dresses, and evening gowns wrapped in giant gold wrist watches. Now Scott has built on top of that idea for his most recent collection, transforming game show prizes like washing machines into designer pieces. Check out some of the highlights from the 2019 collection below.

Washing Machine Handbag

Boast your love for the laundromat with this Moschino washing machine hand bag. Look closely and you will notice the purse still has one hour and 17 minutes until your load is finished. Let your change rattle around the bag, just like it does in your washer in real life.

Toothpaste Clutch

There is no better way to accessories your Saturday night look than with some cavity protection toothpaste. But rather than having Crest's or Colgate's logo splashed across the tube, you have Moschino's branding. And don't worry, you don't have to stuff your lipstick and wallet through the cap opening. There is a zippered pocket to make things easier.

Crunch Cereal Tracksuit

Advertise your favorite cereal through your outfit by donning this Cap'n-Crunch inspired tracksuit. Don't forget to accessories it with doorknocker earrings and gold chains in order to make it feel more fashion and less "billboard."

TV Dinner Cloak

Forgo your winter coat this season and keep yourself warm with a TV dinner-inspired cloak instead. Rocking exaggerated shoulders to give it structure, you find your frozen peas and carrots on one side, buttered mashed potatoes on the other, and the meat section towards the hem.

Scott proved that he is a designing genius with this fall collection. Now we just need Rihanna to wear one of the pieces to a red carpet, and all of our fashion dreams will come true.