Mrs. Field's Giant Singles Awareness Day Cookie Is A Whole Mood

by Brittany Bennett
Mrs. Field's Cookies

Valentine's Day is nice but for those of us who do not find ourselves coupled by Feb. 14, it's good to know that chocolate is not just for lovers. There's still something sweet to indulge in. That sweetness can be found in Mrs. Field's Giant Singles Awareness Day Cookie. It's full of love and chocolate to satisfy and celebrate your single, independent heart.

In 2019 there is no love like self-love. And if nobody is around to treat you on Valentine's Day, then why should you not treat yourself? If this is your first Valentine's Day single in a while, it's the perfect opportunity to reclaim the day for yourself. Candlelight only requires one person with a lighter, and roses can be purchased without proof of a significant other. Why not show love to yourself? Mrs. Fields is adamant that you do on Singles Awareness Day, Feb. 15.

The most appropriate treat yourself treat ever is part cookie, part cake. Which, pretty much, is the only couple that matters in February. The giant heart shaped cookie cake is 9", which is perfect for sharing with your other single friends. Or, to emphasize the best part about being single, all for you — should you desire. The giant cookie retails for $24.99 which is basically investing in yourself.

Mrs. Fields

As it turns out Mrs. Fields is all about celebrating the holiday. An entire info page dedicated to Single Awareness Day reads, "The response to the commercialization of a holiday that turns from childhood fun into a full-blown anxiety-fest for some people is to treat yourself rather than some significant other." To combat this I'm-all-alone anxiety, it's important to gift yourself. Mrs. Fields even created an infographic for the holiday, complete with steps on how to celebrate Valentine's Day and Singles Awareness Day when you're flying solo.

Besides, of course, treating yourself to a very large cookie cake, the infographic recommends celebrating in a few other ways. These include: sending yourself chocolates and flowers, volunteering at a local hospital or soup kitchen, traveling to a destination you've never been before, and gathering your single friends and family. Because when you're "alone" you're not actually ever alone.

The cookie cakes are customizable, so if you'd like your Singles Awareness Day cake to read "To Me, From Me" or "All About Me" or something equally in celebration of your singlehood, that can happen. In fact, any of Mrs. Fields' Valentine's Day Collection treats can be ordered for yourself. How about half a dozen chocolate covered strawberries?

Heart-shaped cookie cakes are for everyone, whether you're focusing on self love or sharing love with someone else. A current promotion includes a 15% discount when you use the code LOVE at checkout. And from Feb. 1 through Feb. 7, shoppers can enjoy a Valentine's Day promotion for 20 percent off their order when they use the code HEART at checkout. With all this love and understanding from Mrs. Fields its hard to feel alone on Singles Awareness Day.