These Feminist Hats Were Created For Muslim Women Who Want To Make A Statement

Think hats and hijabs can't mix? Think again. Online lifestyle site Muslim Girl recently announced a debut line of caps called The Aura Shield Collection. And the hats are helping Muslim women tell you exactly what they think about your misconceptions.

Muslim Girl is an online publication launched from the bedroom of a Muslim high schooler who wanted to challenge popular ideas of Islam and reclaim the narrative around Muslim women. Founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh aims for the site to give Muslims women a platform to share their stories and to push back against the negative news coverage of the Muslim community

"We are taking back the narrative. We use our own voices to speak up for ourselves," Muslim Girl's site reads. "We are raising the place of Muslim women in mainstream society. We are drawing awareness to the Qur’an’s message of gender equality and Islam’s principle of peace. We are paving the way towards a world in which every woman can raise her head without fear of being attacked for her gender or beliefs."

And the website's newest hat collection promotes that undeniably feminist message. The premise of The Aura Shield Collection is to "#protectyouraura," including a set of black capswhich "say what's in our heads... on our heads." The hats feature Muslim feminist sayings meant to empower those who wear them.

These hats are meant to be an extra layer of protection for Muslim women dealing with harassment by sitting on top of their hijab, and they feature slogans that are meant to give encouragement and strength to the wearer.

Slogans like "Lower Your Gaze" highlights how people unfamiliar with Islam misconstrue the hijab as a way to help men avoid temptation, when the onus in Islam is actually put on men to control their urges.

There is also "Don't Touch My Hijab," which highlights the rise of assaults against veiled Muslim women over the past few years. "End Wallah Bro Culture," alludes to the Muslim version of a "fuck boy," and "Not Your Token Hijabi" reminds the world that Muslim women are more than just their head scarves.

There are also two cap options that are direct nods to the Muslim Girl site. The "#Fire" cap eludes to the #Fire vertical on the website, which is a celebration of Muslim women, their accomplishments, and their leadership. Finally, the "" hat shows support and appreciation of the site itself.

"The collection is meant to instill a level of confidence and belonging to the wearer​ and give a little extra protection against — and a response to — the typical negative vibes that are directed our way as Muslim women in today's society," Al-Khatahtbeh shares with Bustle.

The collection debuts this holiday season, and you can be the first to know when it is available if you sign up for their email list. Check out the options below.


Lower Your Gaze

The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

Make a political statement with this minimalist black cap and challenge those outside of the religion to actually learn the teachings before commenting on them.


Don't Touch My Hijab

The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

For those that feel like they are sometimes in the company where their hijab is judged or not understood, this cap does the talking for you.


End Wallah Bro Culture

The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

For the Muslim feminist that is done with dude bros and their disrespect.


Not Your Token Hijabi

The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

For the woman that is fed up with being reduced to her veil, this cap makes a political statement about the woman underneath — and challenges others to see past her clothing.



The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

Support and raise the voices of Muslim women entrepreneurs and bosses with this #Fire cap. Every time you wear it, you can be inspired to achieve as much as the inspiring women featured on the vertical.



The Aura Shield Collection, Muslim Girl

Show that you're a reader and supporter of the site with their branded cap.

While no news is out yet on how much the collection will cost or when it will be available, sign up for Muslim Girl's email list to be alerted once it drops. It's the perfect accessory for the strong, proud Muslim woman. Now that's #Fire.