This Sex Toy Vibrates To "Come All Ye Faithful" & It's The Only Holiday Gift You Need This Year

There are a lot of different ways to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you feel like a little elf running around doing your holiday shopping. Maybe you give back to your local community and help those less fortunate. Maybe hanging up decorations really gets you feeling that holiday laughter and joy. Or maybe you vibrate your way there.

That's right, you can really get into the holiday spirit with some holiday vibrations, courtesy of MysteryVibe, the sex toy company behind the flexible vibrator, Crescendo. This holiday season, you can set your Crescendo to vibrate to the tune of “Come All Ye Faithful” to help you come with the spirit of the holidays — get it?

"We're a company that focuses on pleasure, and we wanted to bring a bit of joy to everyone in the best way we know how — through vibration. At MysteryVibe, our products are all about personalization. This means that, through our app, you can customize vibrations that suit your needs," Stephanie Alys, "Chief Pleasure Officer" at MysteryVibe, tells Bustle. "We thought it would be amusing if we used that skill set in a more playful, light-hearted way."

If you already own a Crescendo, don't worry — your toy won't suddenly start going off to a Christmas classic out of the blue. "The custom holiday vibrations are, of course, entirely elective — but if you're interested in mixing things up a little this season, it's a fun (enjoyable!) way to get in the holiday spirit," Alys says. To get the holiday tune, you can download it from the "vibration store" on the toy's app.

Then, get ready for a powerful rhythm. "Within 'Come All Ye Faithful', it really starts to pick up towards then end where the phrasing repeats — the vibrations get more consistent and repetitive which can be a really powerful combo," Alys says.

This isn't actually the first time that MysteryVibe has explored the holiday territory. Last year they took to the streets of London with Crescendos programmed to different holiday tunes — like "Deck The Halls" and "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" — to see which tunes the public could recognize on a vibrator. When they dubbed the Crescendo "The Most Advanced Luxury Smart Vibrator", maybe this is exactly what they had in mind.

It is a seriously good toy, one with six different motors and the ability to bend and fit your body. You can even make your own vibration patterns and it charges easily on a little wireless pod. And at the moment, it's on sale for $109.99.

You can always get a vibrator as gift to you, from you. There's no shame in taking care of your needs — in fact, knowing what works for you is part of being a mature adult.

When it comes to getting into the holiday spirit, a vibrator that moves to Christmas jingles sounds about as fun as it gets — even for the Scrooge-iest among us. How often do you find a sex toy that speaks both to the deeply devout and the incredibly horny? If you're looking for a way to change things up or just test the limits of your ability to find a holiday carol sexy, then this is your opportunity.