Nando's New Lunch Menu Lets You Pop Out For Some Cheeky Chicken For Less Than £6


What to eat is one of life's most difficult-to-deal-with decisions. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or your snack situation, choosing what the heck you're supposed to chow down on day-to-day is a kind of hard slog. Especially when you're in work and either musing upon what you're next due to hang a fang on, or casually scrolling through Bustle. Like right this second. Some places might already be on your radar but seem a little steep for a midweek treat. But Nando's new lunch time menu is absolutely a little of what you fancy. And at a price that won't leave you cutting your debit card in half during that mid-afternoon slump.

Your favourite chicken slinging hub is about to make grabbing a cheeky Nando's for lunch an absolute reality. Or dare I say, perhaps even your first choice.

The new menu, which is currently being trialled in a limited amount of restaurants, is set to include old favourites as well as new ones. All with the signature spicy, zesty flavours that Nando's have become so loved for. And for fans of a bargain, the deliciousness of the new menu item is not the only thing that will get you going.


So their brand new Peri-Peri Rice Bowl consists of juicy AF chicken smothered in that spice we all know and love. Your carbs come in the form of spicy rice, while yummy chargrilled peppers, spinach, and corn make for a meat and veg feast you can bet your bottom dollar will satiate even the hungriest of hippos. Sounds like it could be quite pricey though, doesn't it? Well guys that comes in at only £5.95.

As well as that, you can also snap up a series of mains plus sides for £5.95 The larger items include a quarter chicken, three wings, a veggie Cataplana for the meat-free, or a Caesar salad for those in search of a lighter lunch. Say hello to a little slice of lunch joy.


In terms of sides, all of the classics are totally there for you to get through your hungrier spell. The likes of that spicy rice, or the moreish peri-salted chips. But guys there are actually a whole heap of new offerings to choose from as well, including greens, long stem broccoli, or saucy spinach come to mind. Ugh, so tasty.

In terms of the newer items on the menu that are exciting and delighting, I think the veggie Cataplana is up there. Not only because it's a stand out item in a venue famed for it's poultry but also as it's effing scrumptious. Even better — it comes in veggie or vegan.


The dish is a mix of beans, chickpeas, and chargrilled veg. All of which are doused in lashings of tangy tomato and coconut sauce. This comes served on top of spicy rice. The yumminess is finished off with a sprinkling of coconut shavings and Nando's are absolutely not responsible for any stains on your clothes as you devour this meal.

Good news is that the trial runs Sept 10 to Dec 2. Bad news is that it will be a limited run, with only these restaurants taking part in the experiment. So best show your support and hopefully this will be rolled out across the nation. Maybe wear your Nando's merch to double up on the dedication.