NASA Said It Has “Major” Alien News, So Here Are 11 Totally-Not-Made-Up Things It Could Be

NASA/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The universe as we know it is about to change. Well, maybe. Per reports, NASA is set to announce "major" alien news on Thurs., Dec. 14, as well as information pertaining to the hunt for habitable planets. In the briefing, they will discuss new planetary information that's been brought forth by the Kepler Spacecraft, which has been working with Google's AI program to find any habitable planets in our universe.

Before we get into what this "major" news could be, a quick brush up on the second Kepler Mission: back in 2014, the explorational spacecraft set out to find potentially habitable planets, aka exoplanets. With the help of Google's machine learning algorithms, the craft has been able to process the information it obtains and extract findings from it, similar to the help that astronauts and astrophysicists might be able to offer. So what did the Kepler find? According to the tone of the announcement, NASA is pretty excited about the findings, calling them a "major breakthrough," and thus deemed worthy of a massive, livestreamed teleconference.

What we know so far is that over a dozen other Earth-like planets have been discovered in the last year alone, and scientists believe that we might eventually come to know that nearly a billion other Earth-like planets exist in our galaxy. So considering the fact that we've already had such groundbreaking affirmations about a potentially sustainable life outside of our home planet, it sounds like whatever information NASA is about to lay on us will leave us shook.

The conference will begin on Thursday at 1 p.m. EST, and will also be streamed on NASA Live. And, while you can tweet NASA your burning Men in Black-themed questions using #askNASA, here are some of my own theories about what the announcement might reveal:

1. They Found A Earth-Like Planet With An Earth-Like Atmosphere

A true possibility! Scientists believe Earth-like plants are out there, with atmospheres that would be compatible with what we're accustomed to, so there's a good chance that's what they're going to announce.

2. They Found Human-Like Aliens

Slightly less likely, but not impossible. Perhaps the sci-fi movies we group up with had more truth in them than we could imagine.

3. They Found The Shadow Monster From Stranger Things

It had to go somewhere. After Eleven and Mike banished it from Hawkins, maybe it went to outer space?

4. They Found Kim Kardashian's Diamond Earring

"That's $75,000!" Maybe Kim's diamond earring that she lost in Bora Bora traveled through a worm hole and was expelled into space!

5. They Discovered A New Species

OK, so maybe they found aliens, but they're nothing at all like what we imagined. Maybe there's all sorts of species living lives on other planets that don't look anything like our own species on Earth.

6. They Found Tupac

Haters will say it's impossible.

7. They Found An Earth-Like Planet That's Really Extra

A sparkly, perky, lovely world where everything is extravagant, over-sized, and wonderful. Like FAO Schwartz, but for adults.

8. They Found An Earth-Like Planet That's Like Super Mario World

No need to get a job on this planet. Simple bang your head into floating blocks and collect coins to win at life!

9. They Found A Parallel Universe

Perhaps there's another Earth. Maybe it's just like this one, but all of the circumstances are different. Maybe Trump isn't president and 30 Rock is still on Netflix. Can you imagine the sign up list for that planet?

10. They Found A Planet Run By Wiener Dogs

They roam free across the land. Everything is in slow motion and everything is perfect.

11. They Have Communicated With E.T.

Another real possibility is that there has been some documented communication or interaction or documentation of extra-terrestrial life. Basically, get ready to have your mind blown on Thursday.