Natascha From 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart' Is No Stranger To Reality TV

Natascha 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart'
ABC/Maarten de Boer

If you're already hooked on the Bachelor's newest spinoff, then get ready for a wild ride ahead. Week 2 will see the arrival of Natascha Bessez to the Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart mansion. She's one of the many people on the spinoff of the hit ABC reality series seeking love, all while pursuing a career in music.

According to her official Listen to Your Heart bio, Natascha is hoping to find a "mature man who shares her values and lust for life." She recently got out of a long-distance relationship and is ready to meet her other half. But there is more to Natascha than just her love life. She's actually an accomplished singer with a beauty pageant past and previous reality TV experience. To say she's ready to be in the spotlight would be an understatement.

Who Is Natascha Bessez?

Natascha is 33 and hails from Los Angeles, California. Prior to starring on reality TV, she won Miss New York Teen USA, so you could say she's definitely used to the stage. According to her Instagram, Natascha is "trilingual" and labels herself a "chanteuse."

What Kind Of Music Does Natascha Make?

Natascha's main genre of music is pop, but with an "international flair," especially since she has both a Chilean and French background, according to her Listen to Your Heart bio. She can even play the tenor saxophone. Natascha has also traveled around the world performing, so she's certainly not afraid of singing live in front of others. You can hear more from her on YouTube, where all of her videos and covers are posted.

What's On Natascha's Instagram?

Based on her Instagram, Natascha loves to travel. From Shanghai, China, to Cannes, France, to the Netherlands, she's been all across the globe. She also shares fun videos with her friends and, of course, clips of her singing. More recently, Natascha has been using her Instagram to promote herself on Listen to Your Heart.

Natascha's The Voice of Holland Blind Audition

Prior to her Bachelor days, Natascha was on The Voice of Holland, but didn't make it far in the competition. Despite her elimination and hardships, Natascha is a glass half-full type of person. "I’ve been told to give up, get a 'real job', stop dreaming... but I refuse to quit," she wrote on Instagram in December 2019. "I won’t settle for anything half-*ssed. I want the REAL sh*t. Love, friendships, and waking up to live the life that brings me real happiness." Well, if that's the case, it sounds like Listen to Your Heart might be the right place for Natascha.