Nelson Impersonated A Senator Before 'Southern Charm: Savannah' & This Story Gets Pretty Wacky

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Some people are just born to be on television, and one of those people is W. Nelson Lewis, Jr. (everyone calls him Nelson) on Bravo’s newest show, Southern Charm: Savannah. Introduced as a close friend of Ashley Borders and the rest of the gang down in Georgia, Nelson seems like a fun-loving guy who is happy to be with the friends he grew up with so many years ago. Many of the cast members were born and raised in Savannah and then left, only to come back and reunite with people from their past. Nelson sort of did the same thing, but on the show, Nelson admitted to impersonating a senator before Southern Charm: Savannah was a thing. Say what?

Nelson, like all of the rest of the folks on Southern Charm: Savannah, comes from old Southern money (he calls his family the Kennedys of Savannah). According to AdWeek, in 2010, Nelson, then a former producer for Laura Ingraham’s radio show and a booker for Fox News, took it upon himself to wear a congressional pin (only people in Congress get those, FYI), and tell Capitol Police that he was Representative Jack Kingston of Georgia. He was not, and still is not, Jack Kingston. Kingston told FishbowlDC that it was a “youthful indiscretion that got out of hand” and that he did not give Nelson the pin, and that was that. No jail time served. Nelson admitted the whole story on the pilot episode of Southern Charm: Savannah, mostly because he was cornered at a party because someone Googled him. No denial, no dismissal, just a joke about the whole thing and then a continuing on of the party.

This whole episode was seven years ago, and I’m willing to bet that with age came some sort of wisdom for Nelson. He has a steady gal now, he’s back in Savannah, and he’s probably given up his crazy antics. If he hasn’t, I hope for Bravo’s sake that they got them on camera, because from what we’ve seen so far, Nelson knows how to have a good time.