Netflix's 'Love Wedding Repeat' Invites You To The Messiest Wedding Of 2020


A romantic comedy that involves wedding mayhem, missed connections, and multiple "what if" scenarios is exactly the type of rom-com we all need right now. Netflix's Love Wedding Repeat trailer dropped on April 1 and it's exactly what the movie doctor ordered. Directed and written by Dean Craig and starring Sam Claflin, Olivia Munn, and Freida Pinto, among many others, Love Wedding Repeat is sure to distract rom-com fans from the current global pandemic — at least for a few hours.

In the film, Claflin plays Jack, a guy who is desperate to make sure his sister Hayley's wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. Of course, that gets tricky when Hayley's ex shows up to declare his love for her. On top of managing his sister's drama, he also has some personal issues to deal with, including his ex-girlfriend (Pinto) and the one that got away, Dina (Munn). The movie is made up of alternate versions of the same wedding, all with different outcomes.

The relationships and scenarios all get complicated in each different timeline, thanks to a misplaced sleep sedative, secrets, explosive confrontations, and, of course, the stress of weddings in general. It's all pretty wild, so it might just make you thankful for al the weddings you're missing right now.

Love Wedding Repeat is actually a remake of the 2012 French romantic comedy, Plan de Table. Unfortunately, the original film isn't available to stream on Netflix, but fans can check out this English-language remake starting on April 10. There's really nothing like a Spring wedding, right? Until then, fans can get their Sam Claflin rom-com fill with his other film, Love Rosie, which is also streaming on Netflix. Maybe a rom-com double feature is just what we need right now.

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