The Netflix True-Crime Film You Won't Want To Miss

When it comes to true crime, Netflix has already provided the world with some amazing content. Making A Murderer was an instant success, and Team Foxcatcher gave viewers a real-life insight into the story made famous by Steve Carell and Channing Tatum. Now, Netflix's The Most Hated Woman In America , launching March 24, will take the world by storm in biopic form. Starring the inimitable Melissa Leo and co-produced by Elizabeth Banks, Netflix's The Most Hated Woman In America is a timely tale about an important moment in American history.

The movie focuses on the disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who was the founder of the group American Atheists, and features an all-star cast — including Josh Lucas, Adam Scott, Anna Camp, and Juno Temple. Having grown up in a deeply religious family, O'Hair felt as though she didn't fit in. A single mother to two boys, O'Hair became an activist when she found out that her eldest son was forced to recite the Lord’s Prayer at school, according to a Netflix synopsis. She started a lawsuit with the Baltimore Public School System, then took her case to the United States Supreme Court.

O'Hair's actions were controversial and an important step toward the separation of church and state, which understandably garnered her a lot of criticism at the time. Undoubtedly a trailblazer, O'Hair's atheism, and her actions which led to a ban of Bible readings in public schools, resulted in her nickname "The Most Hated Woman In America" (hence the biopic title).

When O'Hair disappeared in 1995, there were theories as to what might've happened to her, her son Jon Garth, and grandchild Robin. As the non-profit American Atheists had become incredibly successful and wealthy, some assumed that the family had simply fled to New Zealand, where their money was kept in off-shore accounts. Unfortunately, the truth was much more serious and unexpected, leading to an FBI investigation over several years.

Before she went missing, O'Hair achieved major fame, often appearing on The Tonight Show. Though unpopular to plenty of people, O'Hair's organization and outspoken opinions resonated with members of the public who agreed with the ruling regarding Bible readings in school.

As seen in the trailer and description above, Netflix's latest true crime biopic will explore one of the most captivating and shocking stories in recent history, so prepare to be obsessed.