Here's Exactly What 'Bachelorette' Star Hannah B. Is Looking For In A Future Husband

ABC/John Fleenor

After surviving almost a whole season on The Bachelor, Hannah Brown (known as Hannah B. on the show) is now leading her own season of the Bachelor franchise as the next Bachelorette. The Alabama native made a name for herself looking for love with former-Bachelor Colton Underwood, but now she's got an entire new season ahead of her with 33 possible suitors. Given the fact that fans have only seen Hannah B fall in love with one man, it might be hard for viewers to guess what she's actually looking for in her new season. Luckily, Hannah B. revealed exactly what she's looking for in a man on The Bachelorette.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres show Monday, March 18, Hannah B. dished on what she'll be looking for once she enters the famous Bachelor mansion. She already met several guys on After The Final Rose on The Bachelor finale, and she let Ellen know that she's a woman who knows what she wants. On top of wanting a “a good-looking” man who is "a good human: good heart, kind, and strong,” she's looking for a life partner at the end of this who'll accept her for all that she offers. She said:

“Ultimately, at the end of this, I want [him] to know me and every part of me — not just some version of myself that I like, packaged together and was like, ‘Do you like this?’ I think I’ve done that in the past. But [I’ll show] the good and the bad. And I want that in return.”

Hannah B. added that she was "absolutely" looking for the perfect husband. And, when DeGeneres questioned how ready she was to be married at 24 years old, the next Bachelorette quickly and confidently assured the talk show host that she can't wait to walk down the aisle. “I’m so ready,” Hannah B. said. “I know I’m young but I would not have gone on this show if I hadn’t really thought about what is at the end of this.”

The concept of engagement and marriage is talked about often on the show (mostly because that is how it's expected to end). But it became a particular focus of Colton's season when several women suspected others weren't quite ready to get engaged at the end of the show, let alone tie the knot. In fact, a handful of women assumed that frontrunners Cassie and Caelynn weren't ready for that commitment. (Spoiler alert: they were right.) But, even though Colton didn't end with an engagement, Hannah B. certainly sounds like she wants her season to end with a ring.

Speaking to People, Hannah B. recently said that the Bachelorette journey to marriage is something she "really believe[s] in.” She said, “And at the end of the day, I want somebody who loves me and chooses me. I’m ready for my moment.”

Of course, Hannah knows that it won't all be romance and engagements, and that's why she's got Hannah Beast at the ready should any contestant show themselves to be there for the wrong reasons. "Oh for sure," she told DeGeneres, when the host asked if the Beast would be making an appearance on The Bachelorette. "I can't wait actually to unleash the beast on some jabroni."

Hopefully Hannah Beast won't have to make too many appearances this season before the new Bachelorette gives her final rose to the man of her dreams.