These 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Photos Finally Give Fans A Good Look At Harvey Kinkle

by Parry Ernsberger

Gather 'round, witches. Netflix just released a ton of photos of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina characters, giving fans a major glimpse at all of Sabrina's friends, family, and foes. There's an official description for each character, too — including one for Sabrina Spellman herself — and they make it pretty clear who fans can expect to be on Team Night and Team Light.

According to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the first season of the new Sabrina series will be "following [Sabrina's] dark education," as he told Entertainment Weekly. "It’s all part of a bigger arc, which is her trying to hold on to her humanity as her witch nature is developed." Basically, the teenage witch will be forced to choose between The Path of Light — which would require that she give up her immortal half life for a regular life — and The Path of Night — which involves joining a coven overseen by satan. Very chill, no pressure. Oh, and she has to make this decision by the time she turns 16.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is going to be a dark, wild ride for Sabrina and company — no doubt about that. Check out the who's who of the new, dark series in the character roll-call below.

Sabrina Spellman

So, we already knew that Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) would be half-human, half-witch, but Netflix called her "brave to the point of recklessness" in a press release sent to Bustle. Uh oh. That doesn't sound good. Especially seeing as how she's, apparently, "all that stands between us and the forces of darkness that threaten our world."

Harvey Kinkle

The description of Harvey (played by Ross Lynch) Sabrina's love interest — "a dreamboat and a dreamer" — actually seems pretty similar to the '90s sitcom character. He's also going to be completely clueless about what's going on with his teen witch girlfriend, so Sabrina's going to have to be sneaky.

The Weird Sisters: Agatha, Prudence, and Dorcas

The three Weird Sisters — Agatha (played by Adeline Rudolph), Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), and Dorcas (Abigail Cowen) — kind of sound like they might be the mean girls. They're "powerful" and "uncanny teenage witches" at Sabrina's school, who give her a hard time for being half-mortal.

Hilda Spellman

Aunt Hilda (played by Lucy Davis) is another character that seems pretty similar to her '90s sitcom counter-part. She's got a "motherly nature and warm sense of humor" with a "wicked ghoulish streak."

Netflix also noted in their press release that she's skilled at brewing love potions, as well as something called "spite jars." Interesting.

Zelda Spellman

Netflix describes Aunt Zelda (played by Miranda Otto) as "Sabrina's sterner witch aunt," who "believes there is no greater honor than serving the Dark Lord as a member of the Church of Night." Yikes.

Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle)

Father Blackwood (played by Richard Coyle) is "High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts." Wait, though — who's father is he, exactly? Or is "Father" his first name? That would be ... weird. Maybe "Father" refers to his position in the Church? Unclear.

He's described as "ruthless and ambitious," and apparently "hides a terrifying dark agenda that will put him in direct conflict with Sabrina and other members of the coven."

Nicholas Scratch

Warlock Nicholas Scratch (played by Gavin Leatherwood) seems like he might be a bit of a threat to Sabrina and Harvey's relationship, as Netflix notes there are "immediate sparks" between him and the teenage witch.

Mary Wardwell/Madam Satan

It seems like Mary Wardell (played by Michelle Gomez) may end up being both a friend and a foe. As Ms. Wardell, she's "Sabrina's favorite teacher and mentor." When she's "possessed by the Devil's handmaiden," though, she becomes Madam Satan, and "turns into a sultry, cunning manipulator, always trying to lure Sabrina down the Path of Night."

Rosalind Walker & Susie Putnam

Rosalind Walker (played by Jaz Sinclair) and Susie Putnam (played by Lachlan Walker) are Sabrina's human BFFs. Rosalind is "brash, empowered and outspoken," and Susie is the "brave and optimistic" co-founder of their school's WICCA (Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association) club. Susie also has to deal with a "terrifying supernatural threat at home," but there's no mention of what that threat entails.

Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo)

Ambrose Spellman (played by Chance Perdomo) is Sabrina's warlock cousin, who came all the way from England to be put on house arrest by the Witches Council. It's not clear why he's on house arrest at the Spellman's, exactly, but that won't stop him from having some fun. He's "witty, puckish, and pan-sexual," and is "one of Sabrina's partners in crime, always up for mischief."

So, there you have it. All of Sabrina's friends, family, and foes. There's still a lot of mystery left surrounding Netflix's new series — which comes out on Oct. 26 — but these character break-downs definitely reveal a little of what to expect.