The One Hobby You Should Pick Up In 2018, Based On Your Sign

I'm not sure when it was decided that all New Year's resolutions need to be somehow serious or otherwise "productive," but the idea seems to have taken hold. As far as I can tell, anything that you endeavor to work on in the new year is expected to be an accomplishment. Why not make a resolution that's actually fun? Or a resolution simply for the resolution's sake? Why not just commit to picking up a new hobby because, well, hobbies are cool? I think this is a great idea. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options out there waiting for you, I'm going to break down the one hobby you should pick up in 2018, based on your sign.

The great thing about hobbies is that they can be both fun and productive, so if you're the kind of person who stands by the fact that a New Year's resolution should serve some greater purpose, you can probably accomplish that by learning a new skill or trying a new activity. Expanding your horizons will also probably give you the opportunity to meet new people, open your mind, engage in self-care, get healthier, etc. — which basically means it will cover your bases on the big picture resolutions too.


It's time to get your hands dirty, Aquarius! You're creative and intellectual, so you'll likely be a natural at pottery. Find a local studio and start working on your sculpting, spinning, glazing, and painting skills.


Pisces love being in nature and feeling in harmony with their environment. Why not try gardening? Even if you live in a small apartment, you can learn the basics of succulents and other plants that thrive indoors!


Make like Mia Thermopolis and get yourself to a rock gym! (Yeah — I'll take a Princess Diaries reference whenever I can get it.) Rock-climbing is a great way to channel all that Aries energy, and relative to other active hobbies, it's probably going to be an awesome fit for your pioneering personality too.


I know that building a paper scrapbook isn't exactly in vogue in a world driven by social media and blogging, but there's something to be said for collecting all of your mementos in one place so you can actually touch them and see them close up. Taurus, change can be tough for you, and you might find it hard to let go of your memories. Maybe scrapbooking is your solution!


You're a social creature, Gemini, and brushing up on your baking skills could be a fun way to up your entertaining game or show the people in your life how much you care (through food, which is obviously the best way). Baking is also a great method for working through your frustrations (see above, obviously).


Cancer, I know you like your alone time, so might I suggest that you give calligraphy or hand lettering a try? You can learn it in the comfort of your own home — there are tons of books and resources to help you online — and then use it to save money on gifts and stationary in the future.


Per Cafe Astrology, Leos are ruled by the sun — and guess what? So is a good photo! Leo, consider combining your active, outgoing personality with your innate love of the sunshine by building on your photography skills.


Virgos tend to be naturally helpful and conscientious. If this sounds familiar, why not make a hobby of it? Find a cause or organization in the community you're passionate about and start actively volunteering there.


You seek harmony both internally and externally, and hiking might be an ideal way for you to achieve the balance you're looking for. Hiking can also be a social activity, so grab some friends and get going.


No one's saying you need to become some kind of speed demon, Scorpio, but I do think you might enjoy running if you gave it a chance. Scorpios are really great at staying focused and looking ahead to the future. Who benefits from that kind of outlook more than a runner? Cardio is also a solid stress reliever, so going out for a jog now and then will help burn off your nerves.


Gather up the troops (and by "troops," I mean your best friends) and put together a trivia team! It will give you an excuse to get the group together on a regular basis and a good reason to stay on top of pop culture.


Capricorn, you probably find yourself in your own head a lot — and yoga will help you get out of it. You're already pretty disciplined, so committing to go to class won't be much of a stretch (pun intended!), and the quiet, personal nature of the practice should appeal to you.