8 New Tracks To Listen To Before They're Ruined By Radio Stations


So, hot girl summer is sadly over, the hit-and-miss heat waves are no more, and although nobody wants to admit it, the nights are slowly getting longer. But autumn has its perks, like saving money and spending more time curled up indoors after a lavish summer of socialising. And, of course, there’s cosy clothes and an excuse to get the big winter coats and jackets. So, for those of us who aren’t sun worshipers and enjoy the chillier months, this autumn 2019 playlist will get you in the mood for cosying up, falling leaves, and cold, crisp evenings.

There’s been some wonderful new music this year, from up and coming UK artists like London based singer Hamzaa and Celeste to more established artists returning with new projects. James Blake gave us his fourth album Asume Form, and FKA twigs released new tunes alongside some stunning visuals. And not forgetting the return of indie-synth musician Bat For Lashes.

So, sit back and relax. It’s time for those who love the autumn months, and those who need a little help letting go of summer, to get cozy and snug and tune into the slower, beautiful tracks this autumn.

Celeste — "Strange"

Celeste’s timeless, velvety voice in "Strange" is perfect for curling up on the sofa on those rainy days. Plus, if you're summer fling is over for good, the beautifully melancholic lyrics on this track mean it could double up as the perfect song on a breakup playlist.

Alxndr London — "Talking Drum"

London artist Alxndr London is back with new project IVMERIN. Take a deep dive into his journey of self exploration and identity through soothing falsettos and deep beats. "Talking Drum" has stunning visuals to go along with it.

Bat for Lashes — "The Hunger"

She’s been on a bit of a hiatus, but for the indie kids of the mid-noughties, Natasha Khan (AKA Bat For Lashes) is back, She's best known for one her most popular tracks, "Daniel," but now she’s returned with "The Hunger." Synth-y and airy with a surreal music video to accompany it, this track is perfect for autumn.

Kindness ft. Robyn — "The Warning"

Peterborough-born producer, songwriter, and DJ Kindness has teamed up with Robyn to bring "The Warning," taken from their new album Something Like War. It’s soft, slow, and Robyn’s voice is always an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Hamzaa — "Sunday Morning"

Who doesn’t love songs about Sundays? Think family lunches and hanging with friends as the colder months draw in. Hamzaa’s music often draws on kinship and community and you can really here that in "Sunday Morning."

James Blake — "Can't Believe The Way We Flow"

Everyone's favorite soulful sad boy made a return earlier this year with his fourth studio album, Asume Form. "Can't Believe The Way We Flow" has a beautifully drawn-out melody and a super trippy sound.

FKA twigs ft. Future — "holy terrain"

FKA Twigs is back with new music and it’s better and weirder than ever. In the summer she gave us gold aesthetics and pole-dancing-worthy of Cirque Du Soleil in "Cellophane." Now, "holy torain" featuring US rap star Future is a bit darker and more robust.

King Princess — "Ain't Together"

Who wouldn’t want to kick some autumnal leaves in a park while listening to this gem? King Princess serves out a dish of relationship realism with "Ain’t Together."