BSB Would Still Be Down To Tour With The Spice Girls

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Once upon a time, a very special rumor about a possible Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys tour climbed out of its chrysalis and fluttered about the internet, going from one ’90s bubblegum pop fan’s heart to the next. And after a few years of getting hopes up, the rumor was more or less snuffed out. But now, it is back to flapping its glorious, nostalgic wings. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Nick Carter said that, if the necessary wheels were ever to be set in motion, he and his bandmates would be game to team up with his Boy Band co-star’s group. Yes, the “I Got You” singer has brought back the Spice Girls and BSB tour idea talk. Again, it’s just talk, not a confirmed plan. Nothing’s in the works and nothing may ever be in the works. But the talk is back. And yes, some talk about the talk is about to happen.

When Us Weekly’s Christina Garibaldi asked if a Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys supergroup could ever happen, Carter replied,

“We’ve had conversations, there’s been talks about it. It’s all about them getting the Girls together, they’re doing things with their families and everything. But we’re always open to doing a tour with them. I think it would be an epic tour if we ever did it.”

Uh-oh. It’s happening again. The Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys tour rumor has dusted off its wings and it's back to flapping around like the mythological winged being that it is.

Will fans’ patience pay off after all? Will both pop acts ever join forces and melt fans’ faces with the tour to end all tours? (Could you imagine if both a Spice Girls reunion and a Spice Girls/BSB tour happened? That sound you just heard was my bank account letting out a nervous groan.) Or is this just one of those things that will never come to fruition, but will always be something fun to dream of?

Not to be rude, but how long will they string fans along? Quit playing games with fans’ hearts, with fans’ hearts, with fans’ hearts, before you tear fans apart.