The Spice Girls *ARE* Reuniting After All

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The past year has been a turbulent one for fans of the Spice Girls. In honor of the 21st anniversary of "Wannabe," Mel B, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner wanted to reunite with a major concert in London's Hyde Park in summer 2017. However, Mel C and Victoria Beckham weren't down for the reunion, which threw a major spanner in the works. Despite coining a new name, GEM, the newly formed trio never got their revival off the ground, after Geri became pregnant with her second child. But now, according to Page Six, the Spice Girls are reuniting after all, so '90s kids, yet again, have cause to celebrate.

Page Six reports that, following the recent news that Mel B has split from her husband, the band is in talks once again to reform. According to the publication, Mel B's ex is allegedly one of the reasons the reunion fell apart in the first place, with a source claiming, “Stephen was always an unnerving presence. Now he’s out of the way, fun will return.” Whether or not that's true, Page Six also quotes Geri as saying, “We’re not reforming immediately, but in the near future,” which certainly sounds promising for anyone who loved the Spice Girls at the height of their success. It's also nice to know that the famous fivesome are still close friends and support each other throughout major events in their lives.

While news that the band might be getting back together again is perfect, whether or not all five original members will return is still up in the air. Both Beckham and Mel C have made it pretty clear that they're unsure a reunion would work at this point in time.

In March 2017, Beckham firmly told The Today Show that she wouldn't be involved in a Spice Girls reunion, saying, “There won’t be a reunion because I think that when we performed at the Olympics it was so great and that was us celebrating everything that we’d achieved." She is arguably the busiest member of the group, especially with the recent launch of her newest collection, Target X Victoria Beckham.

We'll all have to wait patiently for further details of the Spice Girls, or GEM, reunion. Either way, it looks like 2017 has a lot more Girl Power to look forward to, and that can only be a good thing.