Nick Gives Corinne A Rose On 'The Bachelor' & Her "Villain" Tactic Seems To Be Working

Rick Rowell/ABC

During last week's season premiere of The Bachelor, I had a feeling that Corinne was all set to be this season's villain, and now that the second episode is here, there's even more proof. She's pretty ruthless when it comes to getting her time with Nick, and it actually seems to be serving her pretty well so far. Despite the fact that there were a few other women he seemed to connect with on their date, Nick gave Corinne the first group date rose of the season, and boy, were the rest of the women pissed.

The date itself involved a wedding-themed photo shoot, where Corinne made a spur of the moment decision to take off her bikini and go topless. The photographer chose her as the winner, so she got some extra time with Nick. Then, after some post-date, one-on-one conversation over cocktails — and interrupting other women's chats with Nick not once but twice, and in a row, — Corinne nabbed the group date rose. The other women seemed shocked, and honestly, so was I, and I've been watching this show for a long time. Nick's been on the other side of this equation before, so I didn't think he'd like seeing her "steal" him multiple times. However, he did tell Corinne that he liked that she was going after what she wants.

I also can appreciate that when there are so many women and so little time, you have to do whatever you can to stick out among them if you're really in it to win it. But at the same time, is being rude worth it? After Taylor took back her time with Nick from Corinne, I just stared at my TV in disbelief when Corinne got upset that she was "re-interrupted."

But even though Corinne may not be playing fair, she's definitely getting Nick's attention. I'm interested to see if it'll last as the season goes on... and how long the other women will be willing to put up with her shenanigans. Secretly, I'm hoping the answer to that last question is "a while," because I want to see what else she has up her sleeve.