Nick Jonas Reflected On Dating Miley Cyrus In His New Doc & It’ll Make Fans So Nostalgic

by Stephanie Downs
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"Niley," aka Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, may be officially over. But once upon a time, as the "Close" singer recently detailed, there was a ton of love there. Nick's comments about Miley in the Jonas Brothers documentary show that the Hannah Montana star had a big influence on her ex's music career.

In the Jonas Brothers' Amazon Prime doc, Chasing Happiness, which was released on June 4, the singers discussed some of the biggest moments in their career. Of course, no conversation about their past would be complete without bringing up their Disney days and, subsequently, some of their connections to their fellow Disney stars.

Kevin Jonas brought up the time the band got to be on an episode of Hannah Montana, during which an immediate bond formed between Nick and Miley. He said, "We got to be on the Hannah Montana episode on the Disney Channel. That changed girls for Nick forever. He met Miley, I think that kid’s head exploded."

Nick was on the same page with his brother's statement, as he revealed that his relationship with Miley was so strong that it influenced his music. "I started writing about love and I actually knew what it felt like," he said, "For the first time I was asking them questions that a younger brother can only ask their older brothers."

It's not only interesting to hear about the meaningful time that the two lovebirds once shared, but it's also so adorable to hear about how Nick was able to bond with his brothers over his relationship with the fellow Disney star.

In case you've forgotten about the days of "Niley," the pair originally dated from 2006 to late 2007. Even though they were an item ages ago now, Nick and Miley — who have since moved on with their spouses, Priyanka Chopra and Liam Hemsworth, respectively — have opened up about their relationship multiple times over the years, as E! News noted.

Back in August 2008, around a year after they split, Miley detailed in an interview with Seventeen that she took the breakup hard, but that they still had love for one another. "Nick and I loved each other," she told the publication (as obtained via People), "We still do, but we were in love with each other. For two years he was basically my 24/7. But it was really hard to keep it from people. We were arguing a lot, and it really wasn't fun."

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While they might not have had the best breakup, based on Nick's April 2015 interview with ELLE, it seems like the pair are on good terms now. The singer had nothing but kind things to say about his ex, as he related, "We've always had respect and wished the best for each other," and continued, "I don't know that I have any regrets. It's more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my life and in hers."

Even though it's obvious that both Nick and Miley have both moved on, it's still fun (especially for any lingering fans of the pair) to see the couple revisit their "Niley" days from time to time.