Nick Jonas' Comments About Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Engagement Are So, So Perfect

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2018 Golden Globe nominee Nick Jonas opened up to People about his older brother's engagement, and it's good news for fans of pop music, Game of Thrones, and happiness in general. Nick Jonas' comments on Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas' relationship will warm your heart — even when Winter comes. Get it? Whether you're a Game of Thrones fans or not, Nick Jonas' sweet comments about his brother's upcoming nuptials will make you swoon.

The youngest Jonas was nominated for his first Golden Globe Award, for the song "Home" from the movie Ferdinand. It's a huge accomplishment for the singer and the latest good news for the talented siblings. Joe and Sophie Turner announced their engagement via Instagram earlier this year to the thrill of many fans.

Nick told People that he and Joe live together in Los Angeles, and are closer than ever before. As a result, he was able to witness his brother's relationship with Turner from the beginning. "It was pretty clear to me early on that this relationship was one that was sort of meant to be, in a sense," the singer-actor revealed to People. "Their connection is beautiful." Nick Jonas, you hopeless romantic. If fans weren't adoring on the Jonas-Turner connection before, they definitely will be now.

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

That wasn't all Jonas had to say on the subject of the engagement. “I am very close with Joe,” he explained to People. “We live together in L.A., we spend most of the time that we have off together, so I would say that I know him pretty well at this point." First of all, adorable. Brotherly love, even as adults, especially after growing up and sharing a career for the majority of their lives? Why are they the cutest siblings ever? Continuing, though, Jonas admitted that despite their own closeness, Turner and his brother share "a support system with each other," that he describes as "incredible" to witness. Not only that, but he says that to Jonas, Turner is "everything that you hope you find in your soulmate." So, he's okay with his brother-slash-roommate finding his happily ever after so quickly? Yes.

"I'm really happy for them," he told People. It's exciting to hear this much praise, especially from someone close to the couple. Though Turner and Jonas make red carpet appearances together, they have rarely discussed their relationship with the press. Other close friends seem to observe their wishes for privacy; even Turner's BFF Maisie Williams hasn't said much about her best friend's engagement, aside from a sweet congratulations IG post. Honestly, hearing effusive praise for the couple is so heartwarming. It sounds natural coming from the younger brother, and is all the more believable for it. Is there any chance fans will be offered an invitation to the wedding? Just wondering.

The only possible downside to his brother and roommate's engagement is that she happens to star on an insanely popular television show that could be spoiled for him in advance. The final season of HBO's Game of Thrones likely won't air until 2019, and Turner will need to spill some of Sansa Stark's secrets eventually, right? Probably! Her brother-in-law-to-be admitted to People that he jumped into the series late; by his own estimation, Jonas only began watching when most fans were on Season 5 or 6. He arrived at Game of Thrones' more shocking twists late, which meant he had nowhere to turn after the infamous Red Wedding, lest future episodes be spoiled for him.

If there has to be one less-than-ideal element of his brother marrying Sansa Stark of Winterfell, that's the only one. “I don’t want [her] to spoil it,” he warned jokingly, “I was like ‘[Sophie], don’t even hint’ … I don’t wanna hear it.” On the bright side, though, he seems so in love with Jonas and Turner's love, it probably isn't going to be an issue anytime soon.